NYC here i come

empire hotelBest way to start the New Year? Trip to New York City, I think. Me and my pal Erino are going this Friday for the weekend. She is very jazzed to be seeing A Little Night Music starring Angela Lansbury, and I am very jazzed to be staying at CHUCK BASS’S HOTEL. My fingers are crossed that they still make these signature Gossip Girl cocktails in the Lobby Bar — how can I resist “Georgina’s Mind Eraser,” “Nate’s Fickle Flings,” or, best of all, the “I’m Chuck Bass”? I shall take pictures, and keep my eye out for the burgeoning real estate mogul. (It’s important to support fictional characters in their business enterprises, non?)

And on the Sunday, I will be hopping aboard the On Locations Tour bus to take the Gossip Girl tour! Wanna join me? You can get 10% off your ticket by using the promo code “CCALHOUN” — sweet deal!

If you can’t make it, fret not: i will take loads of pics and post them right here on my bloggy.



One thought on “NYC here i come

  1. Jealous!! Jamie and I are planning to go back in April to catch “Sondheim on Sondheim” and the crazy new Spiderman musical. Tell Erin that I want all the details about “A Little Night Music.”It’s such a FANTASTIC show! Some of Sondheim’s most clever lyrics. And Angela Lansbury!!! Excellent.

    Oh, your “Gossip Girl” pursuits also sound super fun! I just get stars in my eyes when Sondheim is in the picture! Have fun!!

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