Spotted: The Debarted

Before we get into the episode, the most important question of all: what the eff was with the WOLF PACK on the highway?? (My working theory: they were sent by Republicans to ensnare the van der Bilt Democratic Congressman in a scandal.)

i'm cool with GHOST BART being in every future episode of GG. BB=hott.

As sad as I am that we have to wait until January and then only get two episodes before the big old break March, this was such an epic episode to leave us hanging.

All season it’s felt like Serena’s been headed for that car crash, and she’s never been lamer than when she was whining on the phone to Tripp about being left sans coffee and cable. Seeing her turn to Lily for help and having Blair and her family and Nate at her side was so … well, touching.

It’s been a while since Gossip Girl made me teary, multiple times in the same episode, and “The Debarted” brought that back in full force. Maybe because Stephanie Savage wrote it — her first episode of the season and the first she’s written all on her owny since “O Brother, Where Bart Thou?” This definitely felt like the sequel to that: Chuck dealing with his father’s death, pushing Blair away before realizing he does need her and his family; Dan making a declaration of love, this time to Vanessa and being shot down — a totally packed episode to end the first half of the season on a high note after some sketchy plotlines.

I’m glad the House Husband Humphrey issue was addressed. Just today at work we were talking about how empty and lame Rufus is this season. Ordering in Thanksgiving dinner? That was so not a Humphrey move. He does nothing but try to make Lily happy — and now it looks like he’s realized it may not have been worth losing his entire personality for.

So what exactly was in that letter from Doctor van der Woodsen? “Dear Serena, Your mother and I were alone … together … in a hotel room. Love Daddykins.” I’m guessing that Lily and Doc VDW didn’t actually have an affair; there’s gotta be a bigger twist. Another sibling hidden away somewhere? And Lily is such a wackjob — lying all the time to everyone about huge things but then having moments of being the perfect mother to Serena and to Charles. She confounds me!

Not that I needed an episode full of awesome Nate Archibald moments to secure my undying love for him but OMG. He’s hilarious with Dan and sweeter than sweet Nate pie with Serena and super handsome and punches out a-holes (but maybe spelled his cousin’s name wrong in his phone. it’s two Ts in Tripp, right?). I am totally 100% on Team Nate and Serena. Please let them be happy at least for an episode or two. She needs him.

To recap where we’ve left our darling UESers for the Christmas hols what seems like eternity:

  • Serena’s recovering with Prince Nate at her side,
  • Little J is a drug dealer (fail) but totes BFFs with Eric again (win),
  • Lily’s been caught in Lie #978 by Rufus, who may or may not be stepping out with the Condo Board Lady With the Unfortunate Hairline,
  • Blair and Serena are besties who tenderly mock each other’s PJs and make me cry (what? I love S and B friendshippy moments), and Blair has her Chuck back,
  • Chuck has his dead father off his back and his “dead” mother alive,
  • Dan loves Vanessa but Vanessa likes douchey Paul Hoffman, and
  • the New Mean Girls have matching handbags bought with drug money and they also have names: Sawyer, Carmen, and Jane. (Don’t ask me which is which.)

As we wait until 2010 for the next episodes of Gossip Girl, you can kill time by:

  • Making a Gossip Girl blast about yourself. Or watch mine.
  • Reading Eric Daman’s book, You Know You Want It. Let’s be honest: I will read any book that has a foreword by Leighton Meester.
  • Watching Blake Lively in the Private Lives of Pippa Lee.
  • Revisiting the first two seasons of Gossip Girl with a handy-dandy guide…like my book! Which is also available for Kindle, y’all!
  • Thinking about how amazingly well Ed Westwick did in this episode. So broken, so Chuck Bass. That moment as he and Blair walked down the hospital hallway where he sighed and then kissed her on the head? Mad love for Chuck and Blair, and those clever, clever actors Ed and Leighton.

Thoughts on the episode, my spider-monkeys?

**Oh you just can’t trust Wikipedia anymore. It said two more episodes in January, then the big break. But Gossip Girl herself says no new episodes til March. :(


7 thoughts on “Spotted: The Debarted

  1. I loved this episode. The OMFG moment at the end was what sealed it. I’m loving this show all over again. They are following not relying too much on guest stars (i.e. Hilary Duff) anymore. Can’t wait until new eps resume!!!

    hey crissy, will there be a follow-up book to your “Spotted” book. If so, OMFG would make a smashing title, FYI.




  2. March! What the?

    Great episode, though the start was weird. The wolves were just bizarre. And Serena with Trip(p) was intolerable — I think the lingerie lounging while making lovey dovey comments was worse than the whining about coffee and cable. That relationship just creeped me out and I’m thrilled that it’s over. And thank you, Nate, for punching your coward cousin out.

    Chuck looked extra hot in this episode and I’m very intrigued by the mystery of the mother. I can’t believe we have to wait three months to find out more.

    The letter seems very sketchy. I was also wondering why Dr. vdW would send a letter to Serena saying he’d spent a night with Lily.

    Jenny’s a drug dealer. Trashy.

  3. @Romey: Great minds think alike! the original title for my book was going to be OMFGG, but then that’s what they called the soundtrack so I went with Spotted.

    @SarahDeeee: Agreed on the extra hottness of Chuck tonight. Disagree on Jenny being trashy. Oh no wait. I’m out of arguments there.

  4. first Glee leaves me, now GG? I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER SHOW THAT STARTS WITH G. it will only give me a complex.

    This episode was beyond superb. Didn’t know Nate would be the hero back in Season 1 (remember my daft crush on Dan? how silly and naive of me)……. but I LOVE IT! ME ENCANTA! more nate please. also i would like a mascara that makes my eyelashes look like his (sidebar)

    siiiiigh chuck bass, blair, stupid serena, drug dealer jenny (hey! ask for a storyline and get one, girl!) et al. I will miss them so much.

  5. Every time Chuck had a scene, all I could think was that he would have made a very good Edward in “Twilight.” He’s far more handsome than that other guy AND his skin is already alabaster.

    Also, I would like to hear Ed’s accent. Is it hot? I bet it’s hot.

    Seems like everyone is crushing on Nate, which I totally understand, and I’m just coming around to Chuck and all his appeal. (It took me a long time to get over him almost raping Jenny…)

    Speaking of Jenny, how is it that she’s finally looking less like a sad teenaged prostitute, but is actually a badder ass than ever?

  6. nate and serana are perfect!!!
    my favourite famuos are chace crawford(gossip girl-nate)and zac efron(hıgh school musical-troy)!
    I f0llow gossip girl…

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