i can’t stop…

  1. watching “Neutra Face”:
  2. eating grilled cheese sandwiches (if you put a tomato in there, it’s a healthy meal, right?)
  3. imagining what the Waffles+Falafels mystery tee looks like!
  4. thinking that a Squishable T-Rex is just about the best thing in the universe
  5. reading New Moon parodies and/or My Life is Twilight (the girls who ask their BFs to ice their lips so it will feel like they’re kissing Edward are my faves)
  6. thinking about how incredible this week’s episode of Glee was. The mattress commercial? Mr. Schuester finding out that Terri was faking it? The episode went from insane highs to dark places in an instant.
  7. wondering how strong Rain must be to do those hand-stand push-ups in Ninja Assassin (you get a glimpse at 0:53). If you can tolerate cartoonish, bloody decapitation and have any interest in awesome fight sequences (ninja fight on the highway!), it’s the movie for you!
  8. procrastinating…

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