Spotted: Treasure of the Serena Madre

I may look classy but I'm actually in a catsuit.

Best episode of the season. Hands down. Let’s recap my favorite moments! So much great dialogue. And twists!

  • No van der Woodsen thanksgiving traditions…except for mental institutions. And for B? Holiday paranoia. “Precedence is not paranoia.”
  • Serena’s jacket in those opening scenes was beauteous.
  • Blair to S: “What are you exactly? An 18-yr-old blonde coincidence?”
  • “Threesomes, man. Don’t believe the hype.” I am in love with Nate Archibald. And I love how Dan (the supposed nice guy and good friend) doesn’t even ASK Nate who he’s having mixed-feelings issues with.
  • Eleanor: “It is just me or is my daughter getting crazier and crazier?”
  • Every year Blair wears the most insanely beautiful dresses at Thanksgiving. Dorota wears her Thanksgiving themed maid outfit. And Serena puts on something insane. Remember last year? Well, this year she looked way better … until you realize she’s wearing an effing catsuit. To a family meal with her boss/boyfriend and his wife.
  • Blair to Jenny: Where are you dragging me? Haven’t you ever heard of a whispered aside? … By the way how do you like having a sibling? Someone whose sole purpose is to compete for your parents’ love and attention?
  • Dan to Vanessa: “Cece’s heart pumps secrets and gin.”
  • J: Don’t you have anything you want to say to me?
    E: Your sweet potatoes are bland.
  • Boo on Lily banishing Serena from her house. Srsly. Your daughter is 18 and clearly troubled.
  • Contender for best line? Blair to Eleanor: “And, no offense to Cyrus, but do you think the world really needs another Aaron Rose?”
  • Enough with Vanessa and the historic Brooklyn bar. But thank you GG writers for having the heart-to-heart talk between Gabriella and Vanessa off screen.
  • The same-jacket-switcheroo!! Maureen’s character is so perfect. And super pretty. About time we had a half-evil redhead on Gossip Girl. Represent Gingers!
  • I am kinda sad that S didn’t go to Paris with Blair. Mainly because: how much effing fun would it be to go to Paris with Blair Waldorf??
  • Ouch. Serena to Lily: “You don’t get to judge me. Ever again.” What is her secret? How many major secrets can one UES lady have in her lifetime??
  • Chace Crawford has never looked cuter than when he asked Serena to stay with him. I am in love with Nate Archibald.
  • My favorite music moment on Gossip Girl in a long time. The end montage song: “The Only Exception” by Paramore.

We were having some chatter on twitter about who lives where (and why some people have motorcycles in their home??) Here’s where I think our GGers are: Dan at the Humphrey Loft; Lily, Rufus, Jenny (in S’s old room), and Eric at the VDW; Serena at Chuck’s hotel; Chuck and Nate in the penthouse at the Empire; Blair and Vanessa at the NYU dorms. No one in the Waldorf penthouse . . . for now. If I was B, I’d be headed back there stat.

What did y’all think? Are you as in love with Nate as I am? The preview for next week looked kind of insane. And maybe not in a good way. Will post when it’s up. Until then, you know I love you.


8 thoughts on “Spotted: Treasure of the Serena Madre

  1. Yes, Nate is a dreamboat. Who on earth would choose Trip(p?) over Nate? Serena’s stupidity over the whole T situation is driving me crazy. Why can’t she wait until he divorces (or at least separates from) his wife? And why does she want to be by his side at this point? He’s a married public figure and she’s 18. It’s going to get really nasty.

    How cute was it that Chuck stayed back to take care of brokenhearted Nate? Good call, by the way, on what an assy friend Dan is to N; he’s completely self-absorbed, as usual.

  2. THAT WAS A CATSUIT!?! No. Just no.

    I liked the parallel of V’s mom telling Dan not to pursue V romantically, just like Cece keeping Lily from Rufus.

    Oh, and I agree with Sarah – S is the queen of bad decisions. (Must have got that from her mom.)

  3. I thought Gabriella’s advice to Dan was actually right on the money — he should be sure he’s in love with V before telling her. (BSB’s “Quit Playing Games with My Heart.” just popped into my head.)

    & Lily and Serena are just so effing misguided. Rufus is being 100% awesome with Lily (if too much of a pushover) and she’s lying out the wazoo. And S has perfect Nate Archibald (well, perfect minus the whole security tape business) and she opts for the unavailable, bad-haired Tripp.

  4. poor Rufus is so blissfully oblivious!

    and I completely agree about Dan not being a good friend to Nate, I thought they were randomly “talk on the phone about problems all the time” best friends, yet he didn’t ask who Nate was having mixed feelings about nor did they even really interact at Thanksgiving dinner.

    also, I’m really glad you mentioned the two best lines of the night: Eric’s comment about Jenny’s sweet potatoes and Dan’s comment about Cece’s heart, classic.

  5. finally watched and yes. Nate pulls ahead of the guys (well, Chuck is like a grandpa lately). Serena drives me up the wall with her taste in guys. Carter Sans Belt Baisen YES. Tripp who stalks barely 18 year olds NO.

  6. In just about any series, the Thanksgiving episode is golden. And this was no exception!

    You can hear the whip cracking on Rufus a mile away. Suddenly a pairing that I was rooting for once upon a time seems like such a mismatch! I want more of Old Lily (though NOT Brittany Snow Lily, just to be clear), not cold fish serial wife and socialite Lily.

    Speaking of whipped, I’d like just a little more of the old Chuck Bass. Asking permission to spend time with his broken-hearted best pal? Although, CB is a class act, so I suppose it’s in character.

    Totally agree that Chace’s acting has improved immensely since his woodcut days. Although it’s also possible they’re just finally giving him a really good storyline. Bad decision Serena.

    And I think heartwarming moment of the episode goes to Vanya putting down his dinner plate then acting so excited when Dorota broke the news. Adorable storyline, and I wonder if we’ll see much more of it? Will the baby get a tiny head doily to wear?

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