Spotted: Last Days of Disco Stick

Ga Ga Rah Rah Rah! Thoroughly enjoyed this glorious episode of Gossip Girl. After a hit-and-miss first handful of episodes, last week’s and “Disco Stick” have been so on the money. Historic relationships brought convincingly back to life; one love triangle messily resolved, another ignited; a Jenny/Chuck plot; and a great new single from Lady Gaga. 5 stars.

“What — did you bozos have a threesome or something?” From the opening sequence with Dan strutting his stuff & his “subjective recollection,” revisiting the OM3 stuff was genius. Oh the awkward conversations and OTT sexy flashbacks. And even though it felt about 3 years too old of a cultural reference, I appreciated Gossip Girl’s James Frey–themed narration.

Let us revisit the inappropriate: what the hey was Serena wearing to work at the Congressman’s office?? Shoulder pads and an open backed dress? That is not business casual, S. And did Jenny say “gonorrhea of the throat” in front of Lily and Rufus?

Now the mortifying: Serena was 13 when Jude Law was in Alfie? Oh god, I am an old old person. Jenny telling the Belgian ambassador’s son: “My family’s really into waffles.” The Humphrey waffle fascination will never be a joke I tire of. And finally: poor Hilary Duff having to sing, acapella, a bit of “Love Game” knowing there was no way Lady Gaga would not see her performance.

Nate’s sexpertise (oh yes I went there) lead to some awesome Dan/Nate advice scenes (like the classic “post-threesome stage 1” description). “It just so happens everyone’s problems are well with in my areas of expertise,” says Nate. Is it just me or is he way more charming this season? I remember a time I would have described Chace Crawford’s performance as wooden. No longer, Chace! I am a fan of your work.

The other thing I liked about this episode was Ms Blair Cornelia Waldorf — people tried to keep her out and she proved she was more than worthy of their attention in just one episode. No more of this wishy washy Blair business. And after last season’s epic performance in the Age of Innocence, Blair and Dan are back acting together! In, of all things, a Snow White/Lady Gaga musical made complete by Dan’s ad-libbing about disco sticks being an unreliable form of transportation. Another fave theater moment:
Dan: I found a more experienced director.
Blair: Julie Taymor?!

Now to celebrate Lady Gaga, let’s all watch her very excellent video for “Bad Romance”

What did you think of “Last Days of Disco Stick”? I have bought — hook, line, and sinker — into the new/old romances. Nate loves Serena. Dan loves Vanessa. Olivia’s gone. Jenny’s looking for trouble. And next week: Thanksgiving! I love a Gossip Girl holiday. Also: I love turkey.


5 thoughts on “Spotted: Last Days of Disco Stick

  1. OMF3 (Lol) Crissy, you’ve hit in on the nail this time. Another good episode. I love how the writers are FINALLY listening to its viewers (fans) and giving us what we want to see. I’m so for DANESSA and SERENATE. Although it’s kinda weird that the whole cast is trying to hook up but hey it worked on the original 90210, lol.

    And I can’t wait to see the aftermath of this Tripp storyline and what downward spiral Jenny is going to face…again.

  2. When did Chace/Nate become so charming? I remember thinking he was too pretty, blandly attractive, and, as you said, wooden. Now, however, I very much enjoy him. More Nate, I say!

    Watching Serena try to stay away from Tripp was super frustrating, but very realistic. It’s so obvious to any outsider that it’s a bad idea, but sometimes that pull is irresistible. That said, I wanted that Nate-Serena kiss to happen.

    I don’t want to see Danessa and I’m glad that V is currently interested in someone else. And that Dan went from two girls to none because EVERYONE knows that the third person in a threesome should be a stranger.

    I can’t wait to see Eric take Jenny down. She’s intolerable.

  3. P.S. I watched They Shoot Humphreys for the first time last night, so that’s why Eric taking Jenny down is top of mind for me.

    Also regarding Jenny, I find it kind of strange that as soon as she finds out Damian is a drug dealer, she’s intrigued. Yes, that does make him dangerous, but Jenny is only interested in appearances and those other girls still saw him playing with boats. The horror!

  4. Serena is driving me nuts! Sure, she put her boobs away for one episode, but as you mentioned, her look was not office casual. A supershort mini skirt with lace stockings!? Her makeup, however, was flawless.
    Also, she is annoyingly fickle. I guess that’s the Daddy Issues surfacing.

  5. Hi everyone, it’s Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Wright-Patterson AFB I haven’t seen yet.
    You write new post at Thanksgiving?

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