Spotted: Rufus Getting Married


Aw. Rufus and Lily are finally married. And the Scott Secret is finally out. How many times and how many variations of that secret there were — and now that’s Georgina’s taken it as far as it can go, we’re done with it. G blackmailing Vanessa was pretty damn funny: “Who are you going to hang out with when all the Humphreys hate you?” And Dan pretending to me into Georgina was classic. Penn Badgley does good bad acting. One of the best lines of the episode was G’s to the random hot dog vendor guy: “What does it mean when someone used to grab your ass and now doesn’t?…It means someone is a big. fat. liar.”

The girls’ outfits for the wedding — Serena’s J.Mendel dress, B in RED Valentino dress — were stunning. I love how the colors work perfectly together without being matchy-matchy at all, and how autumnal they are without being drab. Top points to Eric Daman! Jenny’s didn’t make much of an impression on me, nor did Lily’s J Humphrey original. (Lily is more in love with turquoise dangly earrings these days than she is with Rufus.)

Lots of moments I loved. FOR EXAMPLE:

  • Dan thinking Vanessa has the hots for him (and honestly it makes more sense than what was actually going on)
  • Jenny dismissing the useless Constance girl who had nothing to offer since her parents are out of work investment bankers
  • Serena referring to those Constance girls as the “New Mean Girls.” (but will we ever see Hazel, Penelope, or Is again??)
  • Rufus’s Welcome Back Kotter mug getting another mention.
  • The throwaway line that tied up the loose string from last season: Georgina got Poppy deported.
  • Blair’s total bitch parade against Bree. She is truly the best at relentless demoralizing.
  • Chuck giving Blair a massage — the glimpses into their private world are beyond amusing. As is this: “Why I would tell that future NASCAR mom anything? I hate her and that tractor she rode in on.”
  • The Gossip Girl wedding traditions upheld: Jenny makes the bride’s gown; Dorota gets to change out of her uniform; and Serena’s boyfriend drops some devastating secret that makes her frown through the ceremony.
  • No-Belt Baizen showing up at the wedding because he has changed and he is a good person. Swoooooon.
  • Blair sending Dorota and Vonya after Georgina. Vonya as a Prince? Love it. GOSSIP GIRL
  • And best of all: Rufus and Lily’s officiant was Kim Gordon!

“Sonic Youth is one of my favorite bands. I can kind of die now. I don’t really have anywhere to go from here.” — Stephanie Savage to

[Sonic Youth’s “Starpower” (from EVOL) — the acoustic version performed on GG is available for download tomorrow (tues 13) from or from iTunes.]

Next week is the much ballyhooed boy-boy kiss. And some poker playing. And hopefully some more Carter Baizen. I love that man.

What did y’all think? Did you make the Leap with Rufus and Lily? Are you, like Vanessa, an All’s Well that Ends Well girl? Or would you like to bring the wrath of Southern Justice upon this ep?


5 thoughts on “Spotted: Rufus Getting Married

  1. Hey I love your new digs!

    This was the first episode of the season I totes LOVED. No belt Baizen is a changed man… with a gambling problem. I just hope he has legs when those guys are done with him. And that they don’t touch his beautiful lips.

    Dan was great, netbooking Olivia about Godzilla. “I’m just kidding I know Godzilla doesn’t care what humans think.” -Tracy Jordan

    And a long goodbye to Creepy Scott. May all his holiday visits be off camera.

    Poor Nate. Even when they gave him a story they were using him to be the B part of another story.

  2. I’m hoping that those baddies hurt Carter and leave bruises — and he shows them to Serena by removing his shirt… (No really, I have a Carter Baizen problem.)

    Poor Natey indeed. There’s some family drama coming up for him later in the season. But poor Jenny! She hasn’t had a plot line since 2007!

  3. First up, I love your NEW website. I’m also an owner of “Spotted.” Great GG resource.

    Secondly, last night’s episode was a good and entertaining one. Still not the greatest but it was better compared to the season premiere. I think the problem with this show is that it requires alot of attention to its guest star(s) by adding them at the wrong times.

    I’m so glad that Scott is going back to Boston, Georgina is leaving (again) and the mysteriously (boring) Bree Buckley’s existence was finally resolved. I’m glad that she and Nate are dunzo.

    But I know that Serena & Dan will never get back together (YAY!) and Serena and Carter will be back and forth, am I the only one whom noticed that Nate & Serena are the next big couple to ge involved??

  4. Thank you for pointing out the lack of belt it has been bugging me since his return.

    Get your act together Carter you are better than that!

  5. There was a hint of Nate and Serena in season 1, but the thought of those two together makes me fall asleezzzzzzzzzz.

    And Carter is deliciously bad, which reminds me since when is Meester Chuck the responsible dad of the group?

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