new digs

what’s up, Calhoun Tribune Readers! i’ve been feeling very LIMITED by blogger for a while, and now I’ve left Blogger Town and moved on up and over to WordPress City. I like PAGES! and widgets galore! and customizable headers! If you’d like to subscribe to the RSS feed, click here y’all. [Some of the imported posts look a bit wonky (the bullet points in partic seem to vary from little dots to little squares) but all the text is there.]

so the Big Blog Plan: this main page here is Le Blog; on the Spotted page, I’ll post reviews of my book as well as links to fine, fine retailers where you can pick up a copy yourself; the Gossip Girl HQ page is — you guessed it — an excellent (well, will be excellent) resource to Gossip Girl online: my locations map, a links list to fan sites, recaps, blogs, fashion sites, and so on; and the Crissy page has random bits and bobs about me — links to my stuffs on the webternet, et cetera and so on.

Anything you guys wish I would add to my blog already for chrissakes? Or post on? Or never talk about again? I am accepting feedback!



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