Spotted: Dan de Fleurette

Best part of this episode? Forget Tyra and Hilary Duff. For me it was Jenny Humphrey reading The Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey. One of my favorite books of all time. This book made me lose my mind in the best way possible, and J would love it. (I know, I know, it was hardly visible, but it was there.)
To recap: Eric VDW dyed his hair; the GG creators continue to push their love for the Mets with Olivia Burke in a vintage Mets T (Dorota, Nate, and Cyrus’s mother are also fans); and Scott was (mercifully) barely in the episode. 
Highlight Reel!
  • Blair not realizing the Masters of the Universe Society was all about He-Man.
  • Rufus’s impression of Lily!
  • The perfectly styled Jenny knock-off girls at Constance.
  • The Return of Lily! And finally someone mentions that most people, Serena, go to college to find themself. And! that most people don’t even know who they are!
  • “By the way, sandals are not shoes.”
  • The evil publicist calling Serena a “diva whisperer.”
  • Two words: Tyra’
  • “Szybko!” Blair scolding Dorota and in Polish!
  • Anyone else get creeped out when Chuck sized up Jenny? Yup. Still creepy.
  • The Chuck Pep Talk to Blair was the most hilariously self-centered speech I have ever heard. And it totally made sense.
Next week: “Rufus Getting Married” — Georgina returns and tries to eff things up! Exciting!
And if you don’t mind slightly spoilery photos: here’s a still of Blair and Chuck from an upcoming episode (the one after next week’s, “Enough About Eve”): Leighton Meester couldn’t look more stunning or like Bette Davis. Aaaamazing.

5 thoughts on “Spotted: Dan de Fleurette

  1. Serena looked gorgeous this episode.

    Blair's "oh my god" was so pitch perfect when the masters of the universe droned on…

    I did not mind Hilary Duff! And of course Tyra got her patented bonding with the girl on the couch moment!

    Vanessa is even looking better! Now about Nate's hair..

    Much more but I need to rewatch. Oh Blairs yellow and black number? TO DIE FOR.

  2. and this time TYRA was the one in need. Serena helped her "find herself" after one night out? I guess the years with Blair trained her well…

    I totally agree that Vanessa is looking amazing these days. Her scarf-shirt in the last scene nearly made up for the fact that she was crying after being rebuffed by Scott. Blerg.

    Also: Kelly Rutherford? Super hot. (But boo on Lily being back to her crazy controlling self.)

  3. The ONLY part of this episode I enjoyed was the Jenny/Queen Bee/New Mean Girls-plot. I love Jenny’s new style and look. I also am reading The Torn Skirt.

  4. Agreed! I hope we get more of Queen Jenny. (And what happened to Emma from last season?)

    Tell me what you think of the Torn Skirt. i read it a few years ago (it came out in Canada earlier) and am about due for a re-read.

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