Monday Edition: Gossip Girl Round-Up!

It was a very exciting week for me over on Twitter, where Zuzanna Swadkowski (a.k.a. Dorota) @replied me and Gossip Girl fashion blog You Know You Love Fashion! (We were talking about Dorota’s wardrobe, naturally.)
Californication season 3 premiered last night, and next week’s episode includes Ed Westwick as a “gay, creative writing student who has a crush on Hank and he wants to know what Hank thinks of his writing” (EW’s Californication preview here). Cannot wait.
New York Mag has a charming video of Sebastian Stan giving acting lessons to kids and NY reporters here; their recap of “The Freshmen” is here, and the recap of the comments is here.
TayMom has a new(ish) official website:

Mere hours til “The Lost Boy,” but if you can’t wait, here are the two preview scenes from the CW, Carter & Serena followed by Blair & Chuck:

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