On Friday I realized that I’ve only missed one day of work since January because I was sick! I’ve missed days for other reasons, but still! I’m soooo healthy. Cut to: three hours later and I’m feeling poorly. Being sick sucks: I’ve canceled some excellent weekend plans (house party, brunching, Word on the Streeting, working…oh that part is OK). The upside is I’ve caught up on soooo much TV.
The two-hour season premiere of House was, as expected, epic. Even if you don’t watch the show, you should watch this ep; it stands alone like an excellent TV movie starring the super fox Hugh Laurie. I’ll keep PVRing House this season, even though there’s no way the season can be as awesome as its premiere.
I’m still watching Melrose Place, three episodes in, but frankly the only thing that’s keeping me is the promise of Heather Locklear returning as Amanda Woodward. Really the only character I like on the show is Ella, the publicist, and she’s nearly a carbon copy of Amanda Woodward. Was Ashley Simpson-W a reasonably talented actress on 7th Heaven? Because her one move on this show is widening her eyes and staring, creating a signature expression of coy and creepy. And all the whodunnit flashbacks to Sydney are more clunky than mysterious. (Wait, why do I keep watching this?) At least it’s miles better than the already-canceled The Beautiful Life: TBL (or as I like to call it, TBL: TBL). That was so utterly unwatchable.
90210 is — cannot believe I’m about to say this — watchable this season. The Bev Hills Beach Club is back, the guys (when they’re not trying out for the surf team) are lying to their ladyloves, the girls are dealing with their broken hearts and ex-boyfriends, and the principal (Annie & Dixon’s poppa) is on the road to a love affair with Kelly Taylor! Two unfortunate things from this week’s episode: Dixon picks up a woman who’s way older than him (Sasha; she’s fierce) and the actress decided to play the role by grinning non-stop. I mean, non-stop. It was tres annoying to watch. The second: the writers keep making these poor kids say, “sext.” As in, “text + sex” to refer to the cell phone picture that was sent around of Annie fooling around with the senior. A picture. No text.
Now for the new shows that I absolutely adore: Glee and The Vampire Diaries. Glee is the most accurately named TV show in history: watching it I am filled with delight, a perma-grin on my face; I just want to watch more and more; I wish these characters were real. Kurt’s “Single Ladies” performance this week was inspired. So glad it was picked up for a full season. Vampire Diaries is a whole other kind of awesome: an angsty, scary mashup of Dawson’s Creek and the Scream movies (both previous Kevin Williamson projects, as we all know). As much as I like Nina Dobrev as Elena, my favorite character so far is Ian Somerhalder’s evil vamp Damon. He’s having so much effing fun; he’s hot and hilarious. An excellent combination. I just ordered the first in the book series the show was based on (they’re supposed to be pretty crap); will let you know what I think once I’ve read it.
The season premiere of Being Erica did not disappoint. After season 1 was all about Erica figuring out her own past, it looks like this season will shift some of the focus onto the mysteries of how she time travels, and the “psychiatrists” who help people sort out their pasts. Erica spent a good portion of the episode wearing a beautiful cherry-print dress. If Erica and I had one more thing in common — owning that dress — that would be A-OK with me.
What else am I watching? The Office, Parks and Recreation, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Next Top Model, Dollhouse, and (best of all) Gossip Girl. I think that’s it. Anything awesome that I should be watching?

3 thoughts on “TV OD

  1. C, I was also completely enamored of Erica's dress for the entire show. Plus her hair is looking even better this season. Oh and both of your family members were awesome, as usual. Yay for Canadian television! (Wait, did I just say that?)

  2. I'm going to try to use my insider connections to find out who makes that dress. It's really perfect.

    And agreed: Erin Karpluk's hair was extra awesome. It's like last season she had Canadian TV hair and now she has American TV hair.

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