Spotted: The Freshmen

Me before tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl: wah, I have a headache; must call the wahmbulance.
Me after tonight’s ep of Gossip Girl: ::giant grin::
Just like last season it’s the second episode of the season that really makes the show feel like it’s kicked into high gear. It was all about heading to college (and that meant no Little J, or Eric, whatsoever). Blair and Serena were having some serious difficulty correctly reading situations — S being a total cow to Chuck, and B being a total cow to . . . the entire NYU student body.
I’m enjoying the Georgina plotline that started with her return last year: Is She Evil Or Isn’t She? (I also love her piles and piles of necklaces.) She’s all sweet and apologetic to Dan and Vanessa in the bookstore . . . as she holds a copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince. She warns Dan about B using him to gain entry to the slammin’ party, but hours earlier called Blair a loser and had that evil triumphant glint in her evil eye. Whaddaya think? I think evil. I think we have a long con on our hands. And another one with Scott. Vanessa does not like being lied to (see: Georgina, season 1) and when she finds out Scott is the love child of Rufly? Ruh roh.

Nobody wants a wasabi facial. Some of my favorite moments:
  • “I’m not paranoid. I’m right,” says B to G outside of McNally Robinson**! Joyous screentime for awesome indie bookstore!
  • Necklace party! I adored G’s chains (in the pic above), but also her snake necklace. And B was wearing her Tiffany key again. (this is really exciting for me because I was wearing my Tiffany key while watching. mine doesn’t have diamonds, but it counts, right?)
  • “Thank you for the waffles.” Chuck Bass having a frank talk about Serena with Rufus Humphrey? Over waffles? Oh, why was that off-screen?
  • Favorite music moment by a long shot — “Good Girls Go Bad” (Cobra Starship featuring our very own Leighton Meester) as Dan and Blair arrive at the party. Effing po-mo hilarity.
  • Blair being asked her opinion on Battlestar Galactica vs. TNG. Love when TV worlds collide.
  • “Time to find a new bad habit.” I am seriously in love with Carter Baizen. Dan and Serena never really did it for me, but Carter and Serena? Love, love, love. More smooching please.
  • Best of all: Blair snuggling into bed with Chuck.
The Nate/Bree love-in didn’t really bug me, but it didn’t do much for the episode. Nate’s cute, Bree’s not annoying, so we’ve at least got that (and random LL Bean masturbation jokes). Now that N & Bree are out of the closet, so to speak, I wonder if they’ll integrate that plotline into the rest of the characters, so it’s less disjointed.
But more importantly: have we ever seen Blair’s hair in a braid before? Super cute side braid, B. The dress (Co-operative Designs sweater dress) looks like it ain’t available anymore. Sad, ’cause it’s killer and also: not that expensive. And this just excites me as a lifelong Spice Girls fan: the red dress B was wearing for her first day of class is from the Victoria Beckham collection.

** So you may be thinking, “It’s not called McNally Robinson. Calhoun is nuts.” In Canada, where the bookstores originated, it’s called McNally Robinson; in NYC, you are right, it’s actually called McNally Jackson. But in my heart, and thus on my blog, it’s Robinson. Not sure if the ownership is different (run by Mr. Jackson, perhaps?), but the store is awesome on both sides of the border.
***Next week: “The Lost Boy”


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