Sunday Edition: Gossip Girl Round-Up!

In an effort to give you devoted Tribune readers some regular features, I’ve decided to implement an end of week Gossip news round-up — cast interviews, links to excellent recaps, et cetera and so on.
  • I wish that Ed Westwick’s Gossip Girl contract had included a “No Hideous Tattoos” clause. The poor misguided guy has a handful of tattoos already, fine, but this week he got not one but two absurdly ugly abominations.
  • The CW is back to their “Gossip Guide” promos (last season we learned important vocab like “blairanoid” and “ment-whore”) with Sexperimentation
  • The latest installment of Eric Daman’s Gossip Girl Style is for Vanessa. He says “tribal patterns” about 100 times, but! note also that serpentine necklaces and bracelets are very of the moment. (Good news for me, because when I was in NYC taking photos for the book back in June I picked up a cheap but awesome snake bracelet. Haven’t worn it yet, but must seize the fashion moment.)
  • The Daily Intel Reality Index was back this week with “Wild Gossip Girls Can’t Be Broken.”
  • Zuzanna “Dorota” Szadkowski is interviewed by Rolling Stone’s GG-loving Peter Travers (and by ABC news)!

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