Spotted: Reversals of Fortune

New season! New haircuts (some more successful than others . . . I’m looking at your pseudo-dreads, Vanessa) and new couples. “Reversals of Fortune” reminded me of season 2’s premiere — it feels like we’re catching up with our besties after a summer apart, but the show won’t really feel like it’s in full swing until next week when they go back to school.

Besides her sketchy hair at the van der Bilt Foundation Polo Match, Vanessa was way more entertaining than usual. To wit, “I thought you hated intellectual property theft” (thinking D’s wallet is a knockoff), “Even Frodo eventually gave into the power of the ring,” (on D’s new love for the high life), and on Chuck and Blair probably attending the polo game “. . . if the murder/suicide I predicted hasn’t happened yet.” That said, I’m not too keen on the idea of spending a lot of screen time on Vanessa’s budding romance with Totally Creepy & A Bit Too Short Scott. Who stares at a birth certificate in the middle of a café? Only Creepy Scott.

What about the other new love interests, Bree Buckley and Carter Baizen? I’m feeling tepid about Bree; I like Joanna Garcia (thought she was charming on Privileged) but another secret relationship for Nate? Really?

A secret relationship between Carter and Serena? Totally fine by me. Please keep him around. I don’t know why I adore his character (and Sebastian Stan) so much. But I truly do. And Carter definitely gave us sparks of “I’m actually a good person beneath this bad-boy exterior” in this episode . . . a ploy that’s worked exceedingly well for resident reformed sexpot Chuck Bass. (Can boys be sexpots? Chuck Bass can.)

Blair and Chuck are still as captivating as before their ILYs… The seduce & destroy game is, of course, ludicrous, but I loved it. Blair’s reaction to the first blondie telling her she’s crazy — that little nod? Hilarious. “I’m not Chuck Bass without you”? Swoon. And the final role-playing scene was genius. “Waiter!”

I didn’t get right away that Lily wasn’t around because she was off taking care of dying CeCe, and I’m still not 100% on who will be living where this season, but holy cripes the characters are basically like one giant family now: SIX kids. Between Lily and Rufus, there’s Serena, Eric, Chuck, Jenny, Dan, and Scott. (Plus Serena and Blair are like sisters…)

I’m excited about this season: high school’s over for most of the characters and their lives have been flipped-turned upside down. The “poor” Humphreys are no longer slumming it in their beautiful, huge, waterside Brooklyn loft but have moved uptown now that Rufus and Lily are engaged. Blair, former queen of the high school, is headed downtown to NYU where no one cares about her Upper East Side status and (horror!) no one appreciates a good headband. Serena’s desperate for her father’s attention and trying to get it by sleeping with Carter Baizen and stealing horses. (You know the usual.) The writers have definitely freshened things up for freshman year, and I think they just might survive the jump from high school to college.

And on a book-related note, there are some fun photos from my launch last night up on Torontoist, along with a little article ’bout the book. Hope to have more photos to show y’all, along with more details on the games, prizes, and cupcakes…

Next week: “The Freshmen”!

(screencaps from, which is a completely awesome gossip girl tumblr)


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