And we’re back!

I’m just home from the launch for my book, Spotted: Your One and Only Unofficial Guide to Gossip Girl, which is out and available and in stores and all that jazz. The party was super fun and there were more people wearing headbands with bows than should be legal. Amazing. Thank you all! I was as happy as TaySwiftie before Kanye ruined everything.

I’ll do my full episode post tomorrow when I get a chance to watch the show for real, but let me just say: I am so glad to have the Gossip Girl kids back. And Chuck and Blair? Awesome.

Also: Jenny Cupcakes? Totally hilarious AND delicious. (And from Babycake, in case you need cupcakes made with Taylor Momsen’s face on them. Or, you know, your own face.)


2 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Yessss! It was so much fun! Thanks Crissy – look how many people love you!
    Chuck and Blair were handled very well; clothes = awesome.
    xoxo BarbieB

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