trying not to
walk across the street to the movie theatre to see My Sister’s Keeper tonight & all by myself. bad idea, right? oh man…i am in the mood for a cry festival of cheeztastic proportion! it’s probably because i’m…


  • New Moon. yes. as in Twilight book #2. i got to the much-discussed part where the passage of time spent without Edward is marked by pages empty but for the name of the month. oh so glorious. no one knows pain like Bella. no one.
  • the other YA series I got into recently was Generation Dead by Daniel Waters — loved the first book. the second was less than stellar…and had a really really bad cover.
  • up soon on the reading list are books written by women I’ve worked with: Emily Schultz’s Heaven Is Small and Lauren Kirshner’s Where We Have to Go
  • the manuscript of Nikki Stafford‘s Finding Lost — Season 5 book!

listening to

waiting for
So You Think You Can Dance to start…

annoyed by
milk going sour before its due date. seriously, argggh. (don’t cry over spoiled milk.)

excited that
I will hold my book in my hands in a few short weeks. Oh man. I am scared and a little unbelieving that I actually got it done and it wasn’t in crazy-language. Did I tell you this? When I was in the final days before handing in season 1, I was worried in my crazy-overworked state that I had somehow lost my mind and written the whole manuscript in what looked like proper English to me, but was actually gobbledy-gook. And I’d give it to my editor and she’d be like, Um, I think the file is corrupt and/or you are mentally unsound.

but that didn’t happen. I totally wrote Spotted in English. Mostly. A few made-up words.


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