Spotted: The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Goodbye, Gossip Girl! Season finale: two thumbs up for me. There were certain things I didn’t like (the pointlessness of the plot to discover Gossip Girl’s secret identity and the lameness of the Gossip Girl blast sent out during commencement — srsly who cares?) but oh man, overall, I just sat on the couch beaming with joy (and a little bit of pride) as our Upper East Siders graduated.
  • Thank you, writers, clarifying that Serena does indeed tell Blair what Chuck tells her. I had been wondering about that.
  • Serena and Blair are rushing into the waiting car while paparazzi take S’s photo and Blair turns around and poses for a second. So-oh-oh hilarious.
  • Hilarious moment #2: Eric bowed after Queen Blair brushes past him and Jenny (after she insults Penelope’s hideous you-can-see-it-from-space scarf).
  • Why did Serena wear a long flowy blue dress to a commencement ceremony where all the boys would be wearing long flowy blue robes?
  • Congratulations, Don!
  • Both Eleanor and Lily look stunning in this ep. well played, Gossip Moms!
  • Wait, wait. Serena doesn’t have to wear the graduation cap? She just pins the little tassle thing in her hair? She always looks great but this…this was a mistake.

  • Penelope: Oh! Soup dumplings!
  • Not so sure it was wise of Nate to tell Grandpa Vanderbilt about his Gigolo Days with Duchess Catherine. (Also notice how N said she was married “at the time”? the Duke totally divorced her.)
  • Boo on Dan for telling Serena they won’t be friends after high school. (Even if you think that, D, you don’t tell someone that. geeeez.)
  • The “Jonathan Is Gossip Girl” fake-out was kind of annoying but I was mainly happy he had dialogue. Some of the Gossip Girl tips he intercepted are funny (“Ron Weasley. What an effing dork” and “Nate Archibald has a little…”) and some not so funny (“Chuck Bass thinks he killed his mother” and “Serena van der Woodsen hasn’t spoken to her dad in years”)
  • If the Humphreys are hard up for cash, would Dan really be living in the dorms at NYU next year? Wouldn’t he just commute like regular people?
  • “What is that, a bag of weed?” I said to my roommate. Yes. Lily totally stole Chuck’s pot. Awesome awesome.
  • The scene between Blair and Eleanor completely broke my heart. Remember back in the pilot (so long ago Eleanor was played by a different actress) when Blair and Eleanor had a chat as B got ready for a party? And now…sigh…they understand each other and Eleanor isn’t such an evil cow and Blair is actually telling her mother about her life. Loved this moment.
  • Drunk Nelly Yuki dancing. Drunk Nelly Yuki nearly admitting to Dan that she loves him. (And earlier at the VDW, when she smelled that piece of meat before eating it. And later when she has that beautiful yellow bow in her nearly-a-beehive hair.)
  • Chuck Bass walks into Nate’s grad party in a suit like he’s at a board meeting. He’s been over high school for years. Brills.
  • J: Blair, I have to talk to you. Gossip Girl knows.
    B: Ominous. But ill timed.
  • Another B striptease! So “Victor/Victrola.” Thank you for bringing back the memories of the first time Chuck and Blair hooked up.
  • Of the gossip bombs dropped, I had completely forgotten about Jenny’s bra-only photo shoot and Nate’s heroic rescue. Oh memories.
  • Didn’t Jenny know about Dan sleeping with Ms. Carr? She was the one shuttling correspondence between them…
  • All I have to say is thank the Gossip Gods that Chuck slept with Vanessa. It made Blair’s sleeping with Jack Bass less unforgiveable. The Dregs of Dumbo for a Usurping Uncle.
  • “You pretend not to be like us, but you are. To the bone.” Yes yes thank you Blair Waldorf.
  • An Emmy for Leighton Meester, please and fanks. For those tears when Chuck doesn’t say “I love you” back.
  • Rufus’s proposal using an old Lincoln Hawk wristband for a ring was completely charming. As was Lily reminiscing about the time he sang “How Will I Know” to her.
  • K, maybe I am old, but I had no idea what Dan was talking about when he said he “loopt’d” Serena. And now that I do? So not participating.
  • [Blair walks in The Oak Room]
    N: Oh my god.
    D: Oh, that makes sense.
    [Jenny enters]
    N: Wait! They’re a team!
  • A waffle maker for the van der Woodsen penthouse. Aw.
  • haha Dan calling Chuck Bass a close-talker.
  • “Haven’t you ever heard of a foreign queen?” Blair and Jenny taking down the Mean Girls! Blair totally uses Cyrus’s catchphrase — “Not enough” — when she makes Emma shoo over for Queen J.
  • Tammy, just for you…

High fives to the writers for sticking with the “One Week Later” coda they used at the end of season 1. I like Gossip Girl traditions. I also like Nate and Dan making jokes about boffing older women … as long as they’re hot. Those two have so much in common. So Nate and V are off to the Eastern Bloc to backpack, Serena was planning to go everywhere but now may end up on a mission with Carter Baizen (love), and Blair and Chuck…
Love, love, love. This moment was so worth the wait and the build-up and all the heartache. Chuck with presents and peonies . . . it was totally perfect.

my favorite outfit of the episode was Blair’s for Nate’s grad party. the dress is Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, modified for the show and totally unavailable. I would also happily have Serena’s leather hoodie (Mike & Chris Eliseo), in the scene where she runs into Carter. (More fashion info here!)
and my favorite music moment was without a doubt the last song for Chuck and Blair: “Season of Love” by Shiny Toy Guns. (all the songs are listed at Music from Gossip Girl.)

the Setup for Season 3
Where will our Gossip kids be when August 31st rolls around and season 3 premieres?

  • Attending NYU: Dan, Vanessa, Blair, Georgina (!)
  • Lonely at Columbia: Nate
  • Lonelier in Providence: Serena at Brown
  • Back at Constance: now reigning Queen Bee Jenny, Eric, and transfer-student Emma
  • Planning a Wedding: Lily and Rufus
  • Stalking his Blood Family while Lying to his Adopted Family: Scott (also attending NYU)
  • No plans: Chuck — will he be running Bass Industries? did he even apply to colleges?

The plotline I’m most excited about for season 3 is learning about The Mysterious Mr. van der Woodsen. OH MAN. I’m nervous about how things are gonna be next season — our GGers at different schools, J still in high school, new characters cropping up. It’s like an era is ending and the future lies ahead of us — so full of promise but also full of potential disaster . . . just like the end of high school.

what did y’all think? are your hearts full of joy? only 11 weeks til more GG!


8 thoughts on “Spotted: The Goodbye Gossip Girl

  1. Thanks for the boob shot!

    What was with little J’s outfit for graduation? It reminded me of the dress that Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman” when she has sex with Richard Gere on the piano, but strapless. So, the kind of dress a hooker would wear to impress a high-class client.

    And, while I liked Blair and Chuck’s moment at the end, it was a very awkward embrace with the armful of presents and the peonies.

    C, I know you love the GG, but don’t wish our summer away!!

  2. agreed. it was hard to have a good embrace with all those props but still glorious. i think i have Jenny Humphrey Blindness or something because I always like her style. (Wait does that mean I think late ’80s movie hookers are fashionable?)

    the whole time S was in that dress all I could think of was her boobs and you, Tammy.

  3. Best Calhoun Tribune ever. I missed this episode and now I’m in agony. Is GG available on Rogers On Demand? I’ve never seen it there.


  5. This is me leaving a comment a million years later because of how long it took me to watch the episode!! But I hearted it muchly. And Tammy, I have to agree… those BOOBS. They hang out of everything. Cripes.

    My only question is about Lily van der Woodsen (OK, not really, but the actress who plays her, whose name escapes me at the moment). Does she have a LOT of Botox injections? Rufus craps all over her the week before, then she comes to his apartment and is all remorseful, and then he asks her to marry him, and in each of these scenes she has EXACTLY THE SAME FACIAL EXPRESSION. In the first season, she could smile and it would light up the screen. Now her face doesn’t move at all. She looked no more upset about Rufus dumping her in the previous episode than she was happy that he wanted her back in the next one.

    And if she IS getting injections, is that really safe being preggers and all?

    Small nitpick of the episode, but otherwise such joy. Nate being such a bonehead in the bar when everyone walks in, “OMG, THAT person is Gossip Girl, Oh no, it’s THAT one” was priceless, and when Blair said, “not enough” to the girl scooching down, I screeched with laughed. Oh how I love that Cyrus is rubbing off on her. :)

    Such a great cap to the season. I can’t wait for S3!

    Awesome recap, Ms. Calhoun!

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