Spotted: Valley Girls

first things first: Blair’s prom dress (marchesa, spr2008) is beyond-the-thunderdome beauteous. it’s perfect for her character and Leighton looks stunning it in. totally over-the-top for prom, but what else would Blair Waldorf wear? Serena’s $19,000 Christian Dior pink dress is perfect for her (but not really my thing). But both girls look better than the models did wearing them. I was a bit confused about how Jenny magically made Serena a dress in one day, but then caught on to the fact that she prolly just went to the vdW and picked up the dress Serena was already planning on wearing before she got into a “war of attrition” with her mother. ‘Cause that makes sense. (I can be quite simple.)

There is so very much to dissect and discuss about the spin-off and its potential and how hard it is to think of our elegant Lily van der Woodsen as a fast-talking Valley Girl with Brittany Snow’s face so I’m going to post again later on all the Valley Girls issues. For now…

a highlight reel:

  • Blair’s stare of death to Lily when she shows up at jail
  • Serena to Lily: “I would rather give my kids up for adoption than end up like you. Oh wait, you did that.” As Eric (and I) would say, “Zing!”
  • Just enough Dorota to make the episode: “This body bag. Corpse not pretty.”
  • Love that Chuck’s Prom Sabotage involved buying up all the peonies in Manhattan. (And he’s right; B’s dress would’ve been too busy with a corsage.)
  • Grandma Cece may be toxic but was on her game this episode, with her Lily’s-going-to-murder-me jokes and nary a gin & tonic (hold the tonic) in sight.
  • Cedric is still kicking it on Dan’s bookshelf. Happy to see him but not happy to see Dan in his boxer shorts. Please don’t ever open a scene on his feet again. Creeeepy.
  • “Is this the moment when you fall in love with me?” — it was annoying when Little Lily said it, but super charming when the Bad Boy Owen said it.
  • B: Prom queen is for lame suburban schools and the teen comedies set in them.
  • Points for enthusiasm but Dan and Serena should not be allowed to dance.
  • B: This is my moment. I own prom.

As happy as I was that Nate and Blair broke up, I feel like they deserved a better ending than that fizzled-out scene where Blair just suddenly realizes she’s dunzo as they slowdance to Fountains of Wayne “Prom Theme.” But really who I am to complain when Chuck Bass used his powers of sabotage and trickery to create Blair’s perfect prom night? My question: does Serena tell Blair about all the heartbreakingly selfless things Chuck says and does? Because in reality, a BFF would go straight to Blair and tell her (after last episode) that Chuck just said he doesn’t love her because he thinks he can’t make her happy. Is Serena bound to some half-sister vow of secrecy that overrides a bestie-must-tell-all vow?

Remember how awesome Rufus was at the end of season 1? Singing “Everytime” and hooking up with Lily on her wedding night? This season has been a slow and steady Rufus Fail. And I don’t see him turning around in the next episode. :(

The finale is next week and it’s graduation. Zomg. By the looks of the preview, Jenny has a plotline, Gossip Girl drops one more gigantic secret (i have a guess of what it’s about…), Chuck and Blair are back playing the “Say you love me” game, and the smart bet is we’ll meet the Not-Dead Secret Love Child of Lily and Rufus. I really hope Serena’s plan to take down Gossip Girl is as half-baked as all her other plans. The show doesn’t work without Gossip Girl, so there’s no chance of S catching her and of course, there’s no one that could have seen everything GG has seen, even with the most elaborate network of spies. ID’ing Gossip Girl would be a giant jump over a giant shark.

Will post the promo (which featured the awesomesauce song “Zero” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) when a super fan uploads it! Until then, let’s all stare at our favorite sister-friends looking beauteous. S and B do besties best.

**oh wait, here it is. also! Georgina Sparks AND Carter Baizen are back. yes yes yes. I heart those two.


2 thoughts on “Spotted: Valley Girls

  1. You so totally are. But it’s not your fault. They are omnipresent.

    I didn’t think S’s dress was that awesome, but I am generally prejudiced to favor B over S. I did love her jail dress tho.

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