Spotted: The Wrath of Con

I am flummoxed by the amount of awesome in the episode I don’t know where to start. Having seen the “Serena gets arrested” photos on the internets a super long time ago, how happy was I that it was Lily behind it and not the Ponzi scheme? TWIST!

Eric hasn’t been around in AGES but when he does show up, he is still All Knowing and Insightful, warning Rufus of Lily’s ability to morph into Cece. And lo and behold… As much as I like happy Rufus+Lily, this wrench in their true love is wonderful and perfect for near season end. Serena in jail leads perfectly into a trip down memory lane about how once upon the ’80s, Lily found herself in a spot of trouble too. I’m still a bit pissy to lose a proper episode of Gossip Girl to the spin-off but two thumbs up for the set-up.

And while Jenny still doesn’t have a proper plotline of her own (where is Wes?), her Lily distraction technique was too incroyable for words. Rambling through the true-love-never-dies Bella/Edward story at a mile a minute was genius. Oh Little J, how many times have you read the Twilight saga?

We should probably write a proper thank-you note to the writers for the epic Chuck & Blair scene they gave us this episode. When that one tear escaped and Blair quickly wiped it away? When eavesdropping Serena asked Chuck why he did that and Mister Chuck said, Because I love her and I can’t make her happy… Too heartbreaking for words. Love, love, love.

Other favorite moments:

  • The $267 cab ride
  • C: The pregnancy ruse. Cliched but effective.
  • The heavenly chorus when Georgina enters S’s bedroom after B says it would take an Act of God. Ha!
  • D: Serena asked me not to say anything.
    L: That’s my least favorite sentence.
  • Blair’s reaction when Georgina touches her arm.
  • C: She’s a faux-cialite. [srsly i have no idea how to spell that one.]
  • The Blair/Georgina stuff was awesome. “That’s a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice.” and B on Poppy: “She’s so evil she makes the old Georgina look like the new Georgina!”
  • The last scene at the cop station with Chuck talking to his P.I., Nate trying to use the Vanderbilt name, and Blair making an appeal to the officers, while Serena gets her mug shots done wearing an awesome (and quintessentially S) dress.
  • I love how reliant Serena is on Chuck. He totally is her brother. I also love the shoes she was wearing that you can kinda see a bit of in the pic.
  • Georgina on Poppy’s trail. Love when the evil powers are used to bring down greater evil. (See season 1 Blair v. Georgina)

Next week: “Valley Girls.” If the flashback sucks, at least we’ll get a performance from No Doubt.


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