Spotted: Remains of the J

what up, Gossip Girl enthusiasts! I am writing this yesterday and right now I’m at the Katy Perry concert; thankfully Canada gets Gossip Girl one day early (on account of good behavior). now since I’m also in the final throes of book-writing before my Tuesday deadline (zomg), let’s keep things simple and use the old Bullet Points of Awesomeness style. (apologies ahead of time for typos, missed words, wacky formatting! i’ve had a lot of caffeine. zipzipzip!)
  • Blair hiding behind the shrubbery like Scooby Doo
  • Nate’s password has been “soccer” since the 5th grade
  • So many kinds of jam!
  • “I do my cardio at night”
  • “If it was a reality show, I’d vote you off” Zing!
  • what was with the weird digital snow in Brooklyn?
  • Blair taking the bottle of ’96 champagne
  • So much Dorota! A whole Polish doorman who hearts Dorota enough to read Ann Coulter (important to know your enemy)
  • Jenny liked her social grave.
  • Dan carried the chili. (Remember when he carried the garment bag?)
  • There is no denying that Jenny Humphrey’s hair looked better than Serena van der Woodsen’s for this entire episode. Don’t even try, Jenny Haters and Serena Defenders. For that reason alone, Serena needed to leave town.
  • Points to the writers for bringing back the Savannah/Svetlana moment! I’m going to have to see if what the same dude both times…
  • “Only my boyfriend gets to touch my hair.”
  • Nate and Blair and the ducks!
  • Chuck and Vanessa and the… let’s not rhyme that. As soon as V showed up in a purple dress, there was no way they were not hooking-up. Chuck lives for purple. The Ed/Jessica chemistry was way more evident than the Leighton/Chace. No sparks!
  • Dan’s #1 fan is his half-brother! (Which I may have yelled at the TV about 10 minutes before it happened!) Scott is also a wannabe writer who reads the New Yorker. AW.
  • But: two thumbs down for Poppy. Stop letting her talk so much. I did a quiz on (what? are nearly 30-yr-olds not supposed to?) about friends vs. frenemies, and Poppy is definitely a frenemy. Exhibits all the telltale signs.
this episode and the last one felt old-school and I’m lurving it. more please and thanks! oh but actually we are going to have to wait…til April 20th when the final 5 cylons episodes begin and run straight through til May 18th.


6 thoughts on “Spotted: Remains of the J

  1. Wow, chuck and V…. Was very hot! Unexpected.Not into Nate and Blair… This too shall pass.Dan was bringing the funny! So glad to see Eric and Jonathan are working it out… Making them the longest running couple in GG: Go Gays!Serena’s hair look like borderline dreads. Does hair and make up hate her? But can’t deny I’m ready to see Bad Serena! Too much hinting, not enough action. Go bad or go home S!

  2. Oh and the step brother reveal would have been cool if they didn't spoil it in the previouslies.And little J, that Missoni dress costs more than your entire wardrobe. Way to cover it up with a fugly H&M jacket.

  3. Gossip girl technology?This is quite an odd question to ask but I absolutely adored the touch-screen monitor (phone) that received Serena’s text in the newest Gossip Girl episode at the Van Der Woodsen penthouse and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was or if they own a similar device :)Here is a photo of the device:

  4. Here is what I noticed during this episode: people in GG-land get up really early and do A LOT before they go to school. They get gussied up and go out to pick up pastries and then go home, set up all the fancy jams, eat and THEN go to school. Or they get gussied up and go visit their wannabe boyfriends with whom they don’t spark, run into their old boyfriends with whom they do spark, and then make their own way separately to school.I would be so tired by first period!Also, it’s a total carousel of sexual partners on this show! But Nate and Blair? Yawn. I think Nate and Little J sparked. I liked that story. More please.

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