Spotted: The Grandfather

Yes, yes, yes. Excellent ending! excellent Blair-Nate, Blair-Chuck moments! Dan was funny! “Do you think the Humphreys have a crest? Something Jenny can stitch on to one of my cardigans?” And he was injured. twice. It’s like the writers know what we need to see. Serena’s glee at slapping Dan was brills. And she looks lovely in that blue. Keep putting her in blue, Eric Daman. But maybe run a brush through her hair every once in a while, K?

OK! So once again Jenny had zero plot of her own and mainly just spent her time online shopping, ordering pizza, and advising people on their more interesting lives (She’s just like ME!). If I was Jenny and Vanessa was going to some Vanderbilt Fancytown Country House Party aka the Family Hoodoo, my head would probably explode with jealousy because you know she still has the hots for Nate and she still has the hots for fancy parties. I felt for Vanessa this episode (who wants to watch people play touch football? yawnsauce) but she did her spazzy thing again where she spazzed on Nate for not telling her about the internship and not choosing summer in the Eastern Bloc over it. For the level-headed, no-drama character, she freaks out. But then her big cry festival at the end made me think maybes she does love him and maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about Blair asking Nate to stay with her.

the whole Rufus/Lily plot was of course absurd but don’t people do weird shit like this in real life? i think they do. i’ve had to talk pals down after “disaster written all over it” moments like these. (i, of course, never do anything weird at all.) Lily is hilars when she’s snippy with Rufus and I liked her white-framed glasses. But Slash? Ew. My mum quite rightly compared his appearance to that of a donkey’s ass.

“What’s this? Good cop, Bass cop?” oh Carter Baizen, are you just proto–Chuck Bass? I think I was wrong to judge you in season one! it was the poncho; it blinded me. too bads he got shipped off to Dubai already. i hope they bring him back next season. (he can sleep with Vanessa. Or Jenny. She’ll have to have another love interest sometime.) also: love how Serena came back into town at the beginning of season 1 with multiple giant life-altering secrets: sex with nate, “killed” a guy, and “that night” in santorini with carter. what else did bad serena do? yowza.

I loved New Miss Blair and her slightly destructive rampage — stealing sunglasses, boffing Carter — and then deciding to throw her whole book of life in the fire . . . calling out society ladies on their misdeeds, spilling secrets, and toying with Chuck. “Maybe I should head up to the roof and make it a little more dramatic.”

I love how in the movies & tv, rich people ALWAYS have so many rooms that one is never used and is perfect for a quiet conversation about the emptiness of privilege. There’s nothing I adore more than Blair and Chuck, but I am 100% behind this Blair and Nate hook-up. It destroys the Nate/Vanessa happy-boring-town and makes Chuck upset which means he will be cruel which means he will be sooooooooo entertaining. Yessy yes. New Talks-a-Lot Nate made B feel safe first, Chucky!

my other fabbity-fave thing was how Blair was wearing the housecoat from last season! the one she lent to Serena! the one she wore the morning of the masked ball! outfit recycling on the Upper East Side: everything old can be new again!

so so, what did you guys think? better than last week’s zaniness?

next week: “Remains of the J” — Jenny Humphrey turns 16 and S throws her a b-day bash . . .


3 thoughts on “Spotted: The Grandfather

  1. talk about wanting blair’s hair – when Chuck comes over with presents and she’s sitting there drinking scotch in a (maid’s outfit? a nightie?!)… HER HAIR WAS PERFECT. Tousled, highlighted, wavy curled. Made Serena’s hair feel so bad it straightened in submission.The rest of it was good. Crazy that possibly the best episode of the season featured a lot of Nate! “What happened to the old Nate who just wanted to get high and play halo?” Hahahahaahahahahhheeeeeeee. And Dan was snarkily funny but not in an annoying way (not that he’s ever annoying to me… so maybe it’s bias?)

  2. i think the Nate get high & play halo line may be the most realistic things anyone has ever said in the history of Gossip Girl.So sad Blair didn't even see what was in the Tiffany's bag Chuck brought her

  3. It was good to see a Nate arc again, after so long. i was starting to think he was just eye candy for the show. I loved it when he says he decided to own what he was instead of always apologizing for it. Poor Vanessa – that was the death knell. The writing on this show is quite brilliant, because even if the scenarios seem so unrealistic, they’re SO adolescent. Got to disagree about Vanessa’s getting crazy on Nate about the internship. Dude, if I was 18, and my boyfriend promised we were going to go travel in eastern europe, and then bailed on me – for an internship no less, I’d wail and throw a fit and imagine we had broken up as well. When I watch this show, and I start to feel a little bit of disbelief, I just imagine what I’d feel about all these things if I were in high school again and I’d be a-ok. That’s what I love about this show — walking two lines, as it were, keeping the adults happy and the kiddos hooked.

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