Spotted: Lily’s Lists

behold screen caps of Lily van der Woodsen’s Yellow Pages of Lurve from “The Grandfater.” A list of all the men she’s slept with (unless “Lindsey Hall” is a woman and I’d like to think so).

Beyond the fictional characters — Rufus, Bart Bass, Claus and Klaus — there are the rock stars: Slash and Trent Reznor.

But the rest? It seems the prop department on Gossip Girl is having a bit of a laugh. The names are mostly crew guys!, some of whom grace the Gossip Girl set (i didn’t check ’em all). But Randy Manion, locations manager; Ben Noble, electrician; Chris Nelson, leadman.

I love it.

The one name I don’t see? Mr. “I’m a mystery and it looks like I’ll be saved for season 3” van der Woodsen. Maybe Lil hadn’t added him to the second page yet? Maybe Rufus didn’t notice his conspicuous absence from the page of lurvers Lil gave him? Maybe it’s all a little SUSPICIOUS.


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