is having a fan-fiction contest…

And my friend Erin can write the perfect Brit-Fan-Fic outline in one second:

Britney is in a fairy costume. (win)

Britney is in the woods. (win)

Britney is on a swing in the woods. (double win)

Darkness begins to fall.

Thunder can be heard in the distance. (uh oh)

The woods are not friendly now! Creepers of the natural (or supernatural) variety abound.

Britney is trapped! (by literal and metaphorical monsters)

Britney hears a sound. Is it the laughter of small children? (yes)

Britney follows the sound and comes upon two small children in the woods.

She takes their hands and they lead her into a clearing and onto a path.

The storm dies down. The sun comes out.

Britney and the children walk away together, into the sunny future (win/win/win – as one Michael Scott would say)

(p.s. the video for “if you seek amy” is up on


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