Food Blog!

sometimes i like to tell my sister that my blog is a food blog. that (extra)creeps her out for some reason. and today it’s true!

i have a generous friend who had an extra slow cooker. she gave it to me. yesterday i looked up a recipe, bought the ingredients (a bit of a challenge cuz yesterday? a holiday. grozzery stores closed.), and this morning, before a sip of coffee, i stuck them in the cooker and turned it on! 10 hours til suppertime!

what i made was a variation of Chicken Casablanca, chosen mainly because there was nothing gross in it and I like alliteration. lucky for me i had rice leftover from my Japanese take-out lunch so i had nothing to do but eat when i got home. my apartment smelled awesome. my dinner was hot and ready. you guys, i am over the moon about this. I recommend that anyone who likes food and doesn’t have a personal chef should pick one up.

in other food bloggery news, i am going to try the Self Challenge. What is the Self Challenge, you ask? I do not really know but it starts on Thursday! I bought the issue with Jenna Fischer on the cover, and read about the pre-prep for the challenge (make playlists, buy sneakers, predict your “i can’t exercise” excuses and prepare to battle them). The Challenge has something to do with exercising and eating right for a while? Three months? Anywayz, I am giving it a try! I need someone to tell me what to do with myself. Left to my own devices, I pig out and laze about. XKCD has a comic that accurately represents my adulthood:

Forget you, bacon. I’m turning this beat around. Maybe I’ll tell you about it! Maybe if I don’t quit on Day 2!

and a final item of business: remember back when I told you about trying the DoubleTubes mascara? well, here’s a coupon should you wish to try that stuff yourself.


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