I Need Something Good to Happen

so last night was my first time watching new episodes of Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica back to back. And it’s weird. Bad weird.

I loved last night’s episode of Friday Night Lights (for you DirecTV folks, it was the one where Matt gets his emancipation papers signed, Riggins eats raw pigeon, and Tyra vies for school president). I know these are fictional characters, but goddamn they make me cry like they’re real: Coach Taylor working so hard for Smash because he needs something good to happen; Smash so scared but striving to be the player he used to be; Matt Saracen: grandson of the year taking out his frustrations on cardboard boxes; and Tyra dressed down by Tammy.

And then thirty seconds after FNL ends — I’m still filled with mad love for the characters and how they fight and fight for what they believe in, and for love, and for the love of the game — I’m in the apocalyptic future(past) with a messy Galactica (people, don’t litter in your spaceship), a president who’s given up, and stupid Gaita ruining everything. It was so depressing and kind of . . . boring. Of the four seasons of BSG, there have been maybe two episodes I didn’t like. And now: three. The direction this (half)season is going feels all wrong especially as it’s the end of the series. Was it a mistake to already find Earth and have it be a total fail? Maybe. The tone of last night’s episode felt appropriate for the depths of Bush’s America. Guys, that’s so last week. Things have never been easy for my beloved Battlesmash Galacticar characters, but it feels like they’ve lost the fight in ’em. Like the promise of a peaceful Human-Cylon future has been lost. Cmon BSG, I need something good to happen.


2 thoughts on “I Need Something Good to Happen

  1. I think I’m with you on this. I caught the end of FNL, too (having already seen it) and that scene of Coach walking away from Smash’s house and you hear Mama start screaming and laughing always makes me well up. GOD I love that show. But yeah, the verbal smackdown between Gaeta and Starbuck was messy and upsetting. :(

  2. this is so beautiful. I don’t watch BSG but I completely agree with FNL. It’s only the most genius show on the planet and I find I can’t watch much after it (much like LOST).

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