Lily of the Valley

so the Gossip Girl spin-off concept has finally been figured out (and confirmed by show creators) — a teenage Lily Rhodes (aka Lily vdW-Bass) living in California with her sister Carol (the aunt who Eric supposedly went to stay with in Miami when really he was at the Ostroff Center). From Josh Schwartz (E! Online):

As for the just-announced Gossip Girl spinoff, which centers around a young Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford), Schwartz reveals: “I’m writing it right now with Stephanie [Savage] as we speak. We’re being very, very careful that nothing we do will feel like we are biting off from the Gossip Girl original.”

So will a young Rufus appear? “Not at first,” Schwartz tells me. “He’s not one of our characters. Maybe at some point, if the show is lucky enough to run for several seasons, it will come up, but it’s just really about Lily and her sister Carol, Serena’s Aunt Carol, who’s sort of this free spirit, a wannabe actress who’s living in this house in the valley. Her experience on the other side as someone without money going to public school, having to make a whole new group of friends, being cast out from the world that she knew.”

The spinoff will be presented as a flashback in the penultimate episode of the current season of Gossip Girl, which airs May 11. Schwartz says none of the roles have been cast yet.

So what about the No. 1 fan question: What will happen with Chuck and Blair? “You don’t actually want to know the answer to that. The fun is in the journey.”

Interesting… I’m a little sad to lose one of our GG episodes to the spin-off premiere but also: I adore Lily and think this concept could work. I have faith that Josh & Stephanie would keep it from being a Grand Super Cheez ’80s Party, where there’s no substance and just a bunch of goofy neon leggings and big hair.

Yay or nay to the GG spin-off concept?


2 thoughts on “Lily of the Valley

  1. total YAY, and it’s not like the costume designer will have to stretch much, as the 80s are totally (sadly, dreadfully) back.I saw someone wearing a scrunchie, un-ironically! What’s next, banana clips?But who will play Lily? Adrienne Paladecki from FNL?

  2. I am not too sure about this concept but will see how it pans out. Would have prefered to see a spin off about lil Jenny. That would have been so cool.

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