Spotted: In the Realm of the Basses

How broodingly awesomely awesome is Chuck Bass? The answer is impossibly. Even when he made that weird I’m-stoned-and-dead-inside face. He’s so over the top that he’s come back down, around the bottom, and landed right where he should be. Absurd and perfect.
This episode, like most Gossip Girl premieres, couldn’t live up to my expectations but there was much I adored about it. Both Little J Jenny and Blair realize how over social climbing/Mean Girlism they are. And Blair realizes high school cattiness lasts a lifetime. Really, it does. It’s people of all ages who can be crap, not just teenagers.

Rufus was the grumpiest we have EVER seen him, nary a homecooked meal for the children, but five minutes alone with Lily softens him. Aw. And now they are on their journey of Dickensian (thank you, Meester Chuck) proportions.

We learned that hash is a softer high, that Dan is not above internet stalking Serena, that Serena prefers MySpace to Facebook, and that Jenny understands that S is 9 levels hotter than her brother. We also learned that Chuck’s uncle Jack? Kinda hott. And kinda a bad ass.

When Dan and Serena decide to be Dan-and-Serena and they kiss, did you notice how freakily pale and creepy Dan’s hand was? The hand that went to clutch S’s head. Shudder. It was a bit Edward Cullen minus the sexy vampire part. Let’s have a minute to rejoice the Aaron Rose arc coming to an end. I fear we may see him again one day since he’s B’s step-brother, but hopefully only in an awkward moment at graduation or something.

And speaking of old characters making their return, Ms Georgina “Sold My Show Pony for Cocaine” Sparks is set to make a return to the Upper East Side sometime near the end of this season. I was hoping she would be the Rufly love child, but now that child is a boy. Hmm. Maybe Georgie is also secretly a boy? That way Dan would have fooled around with his half-sibling and a dude. An excellent idea! I should totally write scripts for GG.

  • Where were Nate and Vanessa this ep? Making out and being morally superior? You’d think Nate would take some interest in Chuck’s downward spiral. Or at least show up for the party at Victrola.
  • Will Dan be able to keep the secret of their half-sib from Serena?
  • What the eff was Blair talking about to Uncle Jack — Chuck can’t know about New Year’s Eve? WTF, B?
  • How will the subplots be filled if the girls aren’t going to torture each other anymore? (I’ve heard rumors of plotlines that have to do with actual school stuff — like classes and extracurriculars. Wha?)
  • Will Derota go to university with Miss Blair? The show cannot survive without her.

Oh and in backstory-fill-in news, the CW Gossip Girl blog had a lame post about how Eric spent Christmas in Montreal (woot!) with his boyfriend Jonathan. So in the previous ep, Lily wasn’t going to ditch her son for the holidays to be with Rufus. Eric had plans. Apparently.

And another week to wait… let’s watch that “Dear Gossip Girl” video again and again til then.

**update: promo for next week which i have not yet even watched because i am at work.


6 thoughts on “Spotted: In the Realm of the Basses

  1. Oh Chuck… just when I thought I couldn’t love you more, I LOVE YOU MORE. Westwick was a new level of brilliance. I need to go back and watch season 1, because from what I remember, Chuck was sort of a side character back then and Nate was primed as the lead male, but things have definitely switched. LOVED Blair’s little black hat (thank you for posting that pic) and her telling the Colony Club witches what’s what. Also thrilled to see Uncle Jack — dude played the mysterious Officer Quinn on Dexter this past season, and he was great. And holy next week! SO excited. Blair, wtf with you and Jack?! What an ep. And I’ve never been a huge fan of Jenny, but I loved her in this episode.

  2. I adored B’s outfit but it was a total costume — she looked like a french femme fatale in some noir flick. I’ve always been a Little J supporter, and I’m glad to see she is using her powers for good now. How she’s grown. Soon she’ll be sixteen… Wonder if there will be a Jenny Cake this year.

  3. isn’t all of Blair’s clothing rather costumey? I mean I LOVE HER and her clothes and her headbands but she’s always so…themed. Anyway loved this episode, missed this show, so stressed out (maybe inappropriately so) about what happened between Captain Jack and Miss Blair. A kiss and nothing more!! No more roadblocks for Chuck and Blair, pls.And as I am a huge Dan Humphrey (or maybe just Penn Badgley fan)… actually end of sentence. I LOVE DAN. In all his judgey curmudgeonly ways. So if he’s happy with Serena, than so be it.

  4. B’s outfits def always are costumey, but this one seemed like it was for the wrong event. Like she knew she would end up on the roof trying to talk Chuck down, rather than having a tea party with the Colony Club ladies. I think Dan and Serena’s tru lurve can totally overcome the pseudo-incesty shared-half-brother roadblock. They’ve already dealt with the fact that their parents love each other and are the proto-Dan and Serena.Is it Monday yet?…….

  5. My favourite part of this post was how you added the preview for next week, but didn’t watch it because you were at work. But wait, were you blogging at work!?S’s boobs have been put away again, which makes me happy.

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