privileged: all about overcompensating

just finished watching this week’s Adventures with Tutor Megan and her Unruly Charges. Not bad!

the two episodes of Privileged before this one, I found dullsville. The only standout moments were from that one where the twins get a publicist and we find out that Rose can sing but neither Rose nor Sage should be allowed to dress themselves. What a total wardrobe fail. And the hair and makeup! This was following their Sonny and Cher get-up at rehearsals. They make the 90210 fashion look good. Yikes.

This week, Megan and Will, the hot billionaire next door, follow up on that not-so-spontaneous kiss at the end of the previous episode. The casual dating plotline was so very Aaron and Serena. The CW seems to be telling us that boys like to date many girls at once, and girls do not. But then boys will fall in love with our heroines and ditch their other girls. (Which works out well for Megan and Serena, but what of those other left-behind gals?)

The history exam answers sewn into the purse was a stroke of genius — a vair cool purse, plus way sneakier than when Mike Seaver wrote the answers on the soles of his shoes. But really are we supposed to care whether or not Rose cheats? I guess we are supposed to care. I do not. I think she’s learned her lesson, feels like shit, and she’ll be studying harder for the rest of her finals. The likelihood she is caught and expelled? Slim. Unless she’s dumb enough to answer *all* the questions right. That is totally suspicious. And seems like the kind of thing Rose might do. (And why would Sage be expelled too? Why wouldn’t Rose just say she got the purse made herself? LIE and CHEAT, girls.)

A refreshing change that Laurel and Megan were getting along — even if Granny Lamoges was just using Megan as her P.I. That means that all billionaires don’t have private investigators on retainer? Just the Bass men. OK!

Charlie having his own, only slightly-related-to-Megan’s, plot is nice. But maybe my favorite ongoing deal with this show is the relationship between Megan and Marco the Chef. He’s hilarious, she’s relaxed and funny with him and it looks like the food he makes is effing spectacular.

The man who knows everything, Michael Ausiello, says the CW has added five episodes to Privileged and is putting it on Mondays after Gossip Girl for its next two episodes. Which is fine by me cause I have too many shows to watch on Tuesdays anyway!

Maybe one of those extra episodes is called “All About the Benjamins.”


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