me + Daily Intel = 100% tru love?

As you careful readers know, I am in love with the New York Magazine blog Daily Intel. Their Gossip Girl posts are unbelievably hilarious and astute. The love Jessica Pressler and Chris Rovzar have for the show is the same as Chuck and Blair’s love for each other: intense and over the top and critical and saucily precise.
So imagine my delight when their Friday post (their follow-up to Tuesday‘s reality index) contained the following: ‘Everyone also had a problem with the “mailing of letters scene” at the end — and with that we agree. What was that? Product placement for the U.S. Postal Service? Wait, was it? If so, that is genius.’

zong, I made that joke too! And all the boob talk! we were talking boobs too! I know, I know, I am lame but I think we could be friends in real life and stuff?

another Daily Intel–related story: it’s Wednesday morning, post election, we’re chit-chatting at the office. Talking election and talking about that frakking hologram thing on CNN. next day on Intel, our exact conversation! hilarioustown starring ecwers. and judging by the comments section, that exact conversation occurred across North America (and Kenya).

only a few short hours til Gossip Girl for this lucky-ducky Canadian. i get it a whole day early. <3


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