The Haunting of AnnaLynne McCord

Damage Creasey sent me a link to The Fugging of AnnaLynne McCord, which proves two things:
(1) the Fug girls are still as hilarious as they were in das olden days,
(2) AnnaLynne McCord IS this generation’s Elizabeth Berkley.

Behold AnnaLynne in a costume for a Vegas show and the rationale the Fug Girls provide:

“She’s probably desperate to be in the press for something other than her accidentally hilarious day job, at which she does one of two things: “emotes” via tiny convulsions, or speed-talks through the clumsy scripts. The former is simply unfortunate, but the latter secretly might be a clever attempt to get through it faster; both combined, however, could be a potent and overdue nod to her hair twin, Jessie Spano, meaning we’ll find out in two weeks that Drunkface’s character is hooked on caffeine pills that have her so excited, so excited, SO SCARED. Seriously, that’s how bad the show is — I’m actually rooting for it to rip off Saved By The Bell. And fast.”

There is one point I beg to differ on: AnnaLynne McCord is not Jessie Spano, but rather Nomi Malone (is Goddess) of Showgirls. Elizabeth Berkley was just right for Saved By the Bell but something happened to her on the set of Showgirls, and that same something is happening to our dear AnnaLynne McCord. And of course the Vegas showgirl outfit really helps my argument. See Naomi IS Nomi.

I really tried to find a picture of Nomi in a similar outfit, but um? kinda hard to find a still from the movie that is not of Elizabeth Berkley in various stages of undress and/or making out with the other stripper or Kyle McL. Sigh.

Seeing The Haunting of Nate and Naomi tomorrow afternoon! I wonder if it will be craptastic or just lamesauce.


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