privileged: all about appearances

ew, i just looked up the episode title for this week’s Privileged and they are all “All About Insert-Theme of the Week-Here.” boo boring. The show itself? I still like it!

Megan Smith, tutor extraordinaire, was getting on my nerves about halfway through this episode: she talks so much, so quickly, about herself and at first it’s so cute and quirky and look at all your insecurities! And then it doesn’t stop and I feel like a wrathful combo of Charlie and Sage wanting her to button it and get over herself.

However, she won me over again by realizing how self-centered she was being and making peace with chili dogs (and not making a stink over her breakup or his cancellation on the phone). And now that I’m into season two of The O.C., I know that Charlie is that guy that dated Summer! What’s his face! Ducky?

Some people (Megan and Charlie) need to start respecting the fact that the Chef Guy Marco has a job to do, so don’t bug him when he’s in the middle of making a feast and don’t shove a box full of stuff into his arms when he’s already carrying a platter of sandwiches! Cmon people. I expect that behavior from Sage or Laurel. But even Rose knows to respect Marco.

The Sage and Rose Model for their Granny plotline was very Gossip Girl last season (“Bad News Blair”). You just know it’s not going to work out (so stop bragging to Precious, Sage). And to drag Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker into a bad, bad photoshoot? Not really fair to the caliber of his work, CW. And not really plausible that Grandma Laurel wouldn’t just try to act more cuddly in the next photo shoot and also get to know her granddaughters better whilst they spend four weeks together

Also, as a general note, the wardrobe on the two girls needs some vast improvement. They have NO style whatsoever.

Glad the writers got rid of the Headmaster Love Interest. Three eligible bachelors for Megan was one too many. Also happy that Emily ex-gf turned out to be a former student. In her first scene, I thought, hmmm a little young, non? Yes, yes, she has “teen” in her age.

The preview for next week looks kinda awesome: the return of the bracelet-stealing Lily (oh man it’s hard to keep these names straight) along with her sorta BF, the hot billionaire next-door, and the estranged father. More bugging Marco while he’s trying to work. That man has an endless supply of patience.

now i have that little do-do-doo Privileged theme song in my head. The CW is really bringing it on this season: Gossip Girl, Privileged, 90210 (which is terrible, yes, but also…), Supernatural (which I don’t watch cause I’m saving for later on DVD), and America’s Next Top Model (which I don’t watch anymore but still love and cherish like an old boyfriend who I still have a little bit of feeling for…you bug me and bore me, ANTM, but sometimes you delight me).

oh man i think i am already overcaffeinated and it’s only 9:30 a.m….


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