Me and Mamma Spears

Twill come as no surprise to y’all that when Lynne Spears announced she was writing a book, I resolved to buy and read it. After all, I have her novel, which she co-wrote with Britney, A Mother’s Gift.

And of course, I have been a true blue Britney fan and supporter since her first single. I’ve had to do a lot of explaining in the past few years as my non-Britney loving friends turn to me to say, She is totally trashy and crazy. Then I have to say, Everyone has their Crazy Days. I had mine. And if I were Britney, I would have gone crazier, meaner, and faster living her life.

I don’t read a lot of books like Through the Storm, celebrity memoir I guess. The last one I read, and found fascinating, was Katie Price’s. Lynne’s is a wee bit different.

Admitting my strong predisposition to be fascinated by this book, I think it’s actually an interesting read. Lynne’s life is — until the kids become famous — so normal and at the same time, troubled. The kind of life that I don’t really ever read about. She loves her family, she loves her husband and suffers living with his alcoholism. She seems like a certain someone’s former mother-in-law: loving, always busy, God loving, and a firecracker. Add to that a Southern drawl and talk of shrimp cookouts in Kentwood.

Then the two daughters (she also has a son Brian) become famous. The book is by no means a tell-all, there are no deep-dark secrets revealed. But you do get an insight into what it’s like to live in the circus of paparazzi, why family secrets have to be kept (Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy news from Britney), how trusting any outsider is nearly impossible.

And there’s little bits in there about the Brit/Justin break-up (break my little heart) and how when Brit hit the paparazzo’s car with the umbrella she was living out Lynne’s fantasy (awesomesauce). How Lynne wishes Britney would sing with her “real voice” and not be so overproduced.

It’s very sentimental but because she is so earnest, it’s the kind of cheese I love. And that, um, may have made me cry? To wit:

When I think of the sibling relationships in my family, so many pictures and stories come to my mind:
– My brother, Sonny, and I taking turns riding Wishbone, our horse, in the pasture.
– Britney gazing in adoration at her baby sister, holding her blanketed bundle with all the care and attention of a mother.
– Sandra [Lynne’s sister] sizing up the fact that my family would have little or no gifts under our tree one year, calling up Connie’s Jewelers in town and authorizing a five-hundred-dollar line of credit for me to buy Christmas gifts.
– Britney and Jamie Lynn, at ages twenty-two and twelve, wearing Halloween masks and flinging Sonic milk shakes at paparazzi who had gathered in Kentwood after Britney and Kevin got married.
– Preston and Jayden, uncertainty written all over their innocent baby faces, clasping hands in the backseat of their mama’s car as what seemed like a million flashbulbs went off all around them. Though they couldn’t articulate it, they were reaching out to each other, offering the comfort and strength of their brotherhood to each other.

Could you imagine being both a mom to two girls who are so scrutinized and also the grandmother to three kids who will grow up with paparazzi stalking their every move? Shudder. So ya, I know it’s cheesy; I know I’m cheesy. But Through the Storm? Totally a good book. You can borrow my copy.

(p.s. that photo of Britter’s kids is one she released to a magazine, not a leaked by a cash-grabber pic.)


4 thoughts on “Me and Mamma Spears

  1. What I want to know is… were there any sexy parts in the book?(When I read celebrity memoirs, I just skim for the sexy parts. Hence. Jean Harlow biography WAY better than Mother Teresa biography.)

  2. I guess the way Britney act is just the result of she was was raised, she doesn’t seem to have a strong family background, usually people who had a nice family enviroment growing up have a more balanced mental life, Britney doesn´t seem to be one of those people. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to have to pretend that everything is alright when it really isn’t ,I guess it was a matter of time before she had a breakdown, I support Britney and I hope she has the most successful career ever but is insulting for me that her mom does a book about how hard it was for her when she is the one that should have given the tools to Britney and to Jamie-lynn not only to be successful in their careers but also to become emotionally strong people who can take control of their lives, something that they don’t seem able to do.

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