hair choppers

i just got my hair cut and imma gonna tell you alllll about it. normally i go to Krazy Kuts, known in French as Coupe Bizzarre, but some time ago they stopped doing what i consider the best part of getting your hair chopped: the hair washing. Instead they straighten and cut. Fine.

Right near my house is the Aveda Institute for Hair Choppery, or something like that, and rumour had it that students cut your hair for cheap. Rumour had it right. I went over today since I am on hols. I opted for an experienced student ($35), as opposed to an absolute newbie (cheaper) or an “educator” (more expensive).

So we figured out what kind of a haircut I should get (an awesome one) and then Step One was revealed: a head massage with some Aveda aromatherapy type stuff. I have a cold so the smell was far from overpowering, just perfectly nice, and completely relaxing. Head massage! Then it was hair washing time. My favourite part. Mainly cause it’s a head massage. More awesome smelling stuff. I am now in a total trance.

An offer of a beverage. Some chopping. Some straightening. Some chopping. More good smelling stuff. A consult with the educator and we’re done. She may have been a student but she was certainly professional and didn’t doddle. At one point, the comb slipped from her hand and onto the floor. So she picked it up and went and got a new one. Cleanliness!

And at the very, very end (after she tried, successfully, to push Aveda products on me), she said, Time for the finishing touch. And applied some red lippy! Look out, world. I have a new haircut that makes me feel like a robot and some glossy lips.

Two thumbs up for me!


One thought on “hair choppers

  1. Yay! I love it! Hold onto that haircut for a few months because I’m actually growing my hair out for almost the same cut! We’ll be hair twins… it’ll make our podcasts extra awesome.

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