Humdrum Humphrey

Hey, Class of West Bev! Repeat of new Nine-Oh tonight…and I am actually a little disappointed? What is up with that? Likely no new episode since today is the federal election in Canadia and the Yanks are being all respectful-like.

Don’t make me choose between CW shows about teenagers and the fate of my nation; you know what I’ll choose.

Now you may note I did not blog on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl (“New Haven Can Wait”). That is because I have a cold and my head feels like something so dense and impenetrable it is unable to think up similes. metaphors. fucked if i know! but let me tell you these things about GG:

  • I like Nate Archibald a lot more this season than last. (besides, yes Damage Creasey, the part in the episode where Nate said Dan was “pretty cool,” thus becoming the dorkiest person since Kevin Costner told Madonna that her Blonde Ambition tour was “neat.”)
  • As implausible as it may be, I really like the Jenny Runs the Atelier plotline. Maybe because I wish I had been an uber talented and petulant 15 year old. In reality, I was only petulant and utterly directionless.
  • The jacket Serena wore to Yale is magnificent.
  • I kinda expected the Blair v. Serena battle to wage a little longer and a little more elegantly.

But my main thing with this episode: the Internet is ruining the plot for me! It’s nearly impossible not to see photos in newspapers, magazines, on blogs, of the cast filming and that ruins episodes WAY in advance. Of course, it’s the nature of the show since so much of it is filmed on location. But wah. The Blair/Serena throwdown? I’d already seen stills of it so I knew it was gonna happen, and frankly, it was way more hilarious and tense in my head than it was in last night’s episode. I am a total spoilerphobe and maybe need to go live at the SlaughterHouse, free from the perils of the webternet.

Anywaysy. Back to Season 2 of the O.C. (until Privileged is on at 9, obvs). The O.C. hasn’t been so crazy disappointing in its sophOmore year…


2 thoughts on “Humdrum Humphrey

  1. So, I don’t know if something’s wrong with my TV, but when I clicked on the A Channel on Sunday at 8 pm, I got Eli Stone. Eli Stone. WTF? Can you tell me what time GG really is? And where I can see it apart from the small window on the A-Channel website?

  2. It should be Sunday at 8 on A-Channel. I don’t know what the Eli Stone business is about. Also, it’s on the CW on Mondays at 8. (On Rogers, that’s channel 166 if you have fancy-ish cable.)

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