turn that frown upsidedown

(that’s not a smile, that’s an upsidedown frown.)

SO my TV pal who knows all, Ms. Nikki Stafford, tells me that A Channel is airing Pushing Daisies on Tuesday nights at 8. What is with the A Channel playing all my favourite shows this season and ahead of their American broadcast? I love you, A Channel.

But I love Nikki more! as she recorded last night’s episode of Pushing Daisies for me. And I still have pie left. I did not eat the whole thing last night.

So Pushing Daisies after Derek McCormack’s launch tonight for The Show that Smells. Double lurve.


4 thoughts on “turn that frown upsidedown

  1. Double whammy! no solution for the McCormack launch (besides a time machine) but there are <>other<> ways of watching daisies…

  2. I too missed the McCormack, although I was “THIS” close to coming. Ended up at Dufferin and Queen eating Ethiopian instead… but I did think of a Smelly Show.Time Machine, I wish I had. I will be there for Dora Borealis, albeit an hour and a half late.And m’dear, I DO think we are due, as you stated in your message to us all, for a ladies’ night! I’m off to Paree next month, but I would love to be host to another bewitching evening, if we could do a Friday night together.

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