my 90210pinions: Model Behavior

much like last week’s episode, “Model Behavior” is 100% dullsville. New 90210 has lost its truly awfulness and now it’s just mediocre crap with bad dialogue, fashion fails (e.g., Silver wearing an all silver outfit. they should have given her a silver tooth to complete the look), and plodding plotlines.

in her first scene of the ep, Shenae Grimes/Annie Wilson managed to make 49 distinct facial expressions ranging from mildly appallingly annoying to major meltdown she-is-so-annoying. Glad that part of New Nine Oh hasn’t changed. Sigh.

And Dylan really and truly is Sammy’s dad. Brenda and Kelly nearly fight over a guy (or two guys, really) but it doesn’t really take off and it looks like we’ll be at least two episodes without the original kids as Kelly goes to hang out w/ Dylan in Wyoming or wherever and Brenda goes to hang out and “recalibrate” with Brandon and his family.

The whole fashion show/photography thing was so lamely executed, especially since it aired in the same week as Gossip Girl’s Fashion Week episode. Know thy competition, new90210. And how rich was that moment in the cafeteria when Silver talked about the unrealistic expectations young girls get looking at fashion models and how anti-modeling she is. Meanwhile the actress is skinnier than the models they cast for the show. Uncomfortable.

What it has going for it: the writers finally realized that Naomi plotting to get her parents back together when she was the one who split them apart was DUMB and boring to watch. As Ethan said, “This isn’t Parent Trap.” No. Parent Trap is genius compared to this. (And you know he was referring to the Lindsay Lohan version, not the original.) I kinda like the Ethan kid. Imagine if they had cast a reasonable actor as Annie. The tension between those two could have been kinda watchable.

Is it too late in the season for a recast? We could start a letter-writing campaign.


2 thoughts on “my 90210pinions: Model Behavior

  1. Honestly, I want to start watching 90210 again (I quit after the first mind-numbing episode) just so I can get an even bigger laugh at your awesome recaps. :::love:::

  2. You know what I can’t stand about 90210? Shanae Grimes’ facial expressions. You really hit the nail on the head there.I wish I could describe her mouth-face. You know, when she’s: shocked, disgusted, upset, sad, disappointed, frustrated and variants thereof, she makes that half-open mouth face — like she’s got something in her mouth that taste like shit. And then she waves her arms to show: frustration, anger, disappointment, shock, disgust, sadness, and variants thereof.I want to send flies through the TV screen to fly into her half-open mouth face just so I can say, Missy, you can learn how to just keep your mouth shut sometimes whether you’re talking or not.

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