ZOMGG: the Serena Also Rises

Poor B. She is a crazy crazy crazy girl. A total child and no one wants to play with her anymore. Serena and Jenny are all grown up and her mom has no time for her and B’s just standing on the sidelines smashing things to get their attention. Tragic anti-hero?
And Chuck Bass too. Not too much of a surprise with his backstory since we knew Bart Bass was a widower, but the poor booze-riddled boy.

OK, Dan Humphrey writing story after story about his life and then introducing the character of Charlie Tuna? HILARIOUS.

[Wait a second, check last week’s post on Gossip Girl below. I call my brother Charlie Tuna! Cause he said he thought that would be a great nickname. What are the odds? I have to call my bro and see if he’s been secretly traveling into the future and watching episodes of Gossip Girl.]

Jenny looked SO amazing at the fashion show. I think Rufus is having a bit of a parenting fail. If your daughter is so adamant about working at the atelier and clearly hates school, but is also trying to do all her homework and knew it would just be a temporary situation until after Fashion Week? Cut her some slack, hipster dad. Don’t just call her a liar and a truant.

Only in the world of Chuck Bass would thinking a girl was a prostitute be an “honest mistake.” I’m glad the burgeoning friendship between Dan and Chuck got destroyed as quickly as it was built. Those biting dismissals of Dan that just roll off Chuck’s tongue are too good to miss. And I love how Dan is talkative and annoying even when he’s gone down the rabbit hole with C. Oh Dan Humphrey. I look forward to reading your piece in Readers Digest.

It came across way harsh, Serena’s “get over it” to Blair, but I gotta say, I’m with S on this. I don’t think it’s going to make Blair wake up or grow up. I think she’s going to continue to be a spoiled, manipulative spaz and she’s going to make Jenny Humphrey her new second-in-command. When B was screaming at Derota over the seating chart? The show turned from campy fun into a thriller about a disturbed girl.

Bart Bass = crappiest husband ever. A dossier on your wife? To “protect” the family. Nice move. I wonder if he uses the same private detectives as Chuck. But what is Lily’s secret? Maybe she had a love child with Rufus. Or maybe she “killed” a guy but really he just O.D.’d. Secret FAIL. Something to do with Mr. van der Woodsen whom we’ve never met? (I would lurve to find out about him this season.) I love that Lily has a secret and that Bart Bass, scariest man on the show, knows it. Cause you know L and Rufus are getting back together and Bart can lord that secret over her and make her stay with him. Oooh it will be awful.

Also, FYI, the whole thing about the Mapplethorpe photo of something that could be a belly button or could be …. comes from the books. But it’s Serena who poses for the photo and it’s turned into an ad that is plastered ALL over NYC. And B is totally jalouse.

The preview for the next episode looks AWESOMEly over the top — kidnappings and run-ins and fights and revenge and college admission interviews! Maybe this is how we’ll get around the last year of high school, what do you do next season issue. Everyone goes to Yale. Fine by me! More GG on October 13th. I can not wait that long. Rawr.

**K correctly corrects me. Chuck Bass = Charlie Trout, not Charlie Tuna. My brother does NOT own a time machine and does NOT watch Gossip Girl. (The second bit was the more implausible of the two.)**


3 thoughts on “ZOMGG: the Serena Also Rises

  1. Wasn’t it Charlie Troutt? I think it was Charlie Troutt.Ya, the Dorota thing was totally OTT. I had to turn the volume down while watching it.S telling off B. I think it was harsh, but I disagree on the well-deserved point. If you look at past seasons, S has ALWAYS been herself — she kept going on about how it was the new her, and the old her was a total party girl (I watched all of season 1 last week, so it’s still fresh in my mind), and she NEVER “hid her light” under her designer bushel. She was always considerate of Blair, but never scared of her. But yes, Blair is really psycho in this episode.J is cute, but TOO thin, scary thin. She’s thinner than she was in Season 1. And she was thin then. You should send her Kid Rex.

  2. you are SO right. Charlie Trout.i think the S to B thing is still deserved. even in season 1, S shrugs off the crazy B behavior. she goes along w/ B’s plans. she accepts B treating Dan like shiz. I don’t think S is ever scared of B, but scared of hurting her.Taylor Momsen is modeling now, so that may be why little J is so skinny.

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