my 90210pinions: wide awake and FAIL

here’s what happened on Nine-Oh. it was so crap i can’t bear to type full paragraphs. i have lost my verve. New Nine Oh has stolen it from me.

Snickerdoodling backstage.
Mom says, Sex will ruin you!
Girl we barely know freaks out and Brenda tries to take her seriously and gives her grave counsel.
Dr. Pepper and sex talk with Naomi in the cafeteria.
Party after the play at the Roosevelt! Ty booked a room. For what purpose, we wonder. For SEX.

[you know what is a really great show? the O.C. i’m blazing through season 1 and it’s effing glorious. if i could turn seth cohen and ryan atwood into one man, i would have a soul mate.]

Finally the Parents remember that the dad has an illegitimate son.
Showbiz mom ruins everything by putting on the pressure.
Annie and Pops have trust issues.
Audriana is too HIGH on DRUGS to perform so Annie has to. What??? I did not see that coming.

I hate this show. It is bringing down my team. (My team of me and Seth and Ryan.)

Show time. Blah blah momma who told me or whatevs.
Naomi and her mum hug. Does this mean she won’t be freaking out anymore? The best part of the show: destroyed.
Two Brendas in one frame!
Annie asks Dixon for his condom.
NOTE: Condoms have expiry dates. If you are borrowing a condom from your brother, one that has been in his wallet for four years, you may want to double check that. ALSO the Roosevelt, if memory serves, is very close to 900 convenience-type stores and happens to be a nice hotel, you know with amenities. You may not need to borrow your brother’s crumpled wallet condom.

As if Ethan was going to the play with Naomi and brought flowers for Annie.
Ethan is all, Ty is a player. Save yourself for me.
Party at the Roosevelt!
Audriana sabotages Ty and Annie!
Dixon’s all, where’s my wallet condom??

SANTOGOLD! I think the same person does the music for 90210 and for Gossip Girl. It’s Santogold month.

[I would like to formally apologize to my roommate Forbes for subjecting him to this shiz for four weeks in a row. Four? Three? 90210 is terrible. It’s worse than Ghost Whisperer and Rock of Love combined.]

Annie is totally a crazy person.
Dixon is a tool.

The end.

this show SUCKS.


3 thoughts on “my 90210pinions: wide awake and FAIL

  1. Don’t fall too in love with The OC, because just when you’re getting comfortable, it will let you down hard. Meanwhile, enjoy it with caution. With a condom, so to speak.

  2. oh NO! i am 100 percent in love with The O.C. Crap. How many seasons do I have before it gets dumb? I am only 1/2 way thru season 1. Now I am depressed.

  3. Season 1 of The O.C. rocks, season 4 is also pretty amazing. Seasons 2-3? … Not so much.I agree with you that 90210 is definitely a let-down. However, I’m going to enjoy it for the crack!tv it is and just hope that something awesome happens in future episodes so that I won’t have wasted my precious time both watching and reviewing the show.Plus, I really do sort of like the adult storylines — what little storylines there are, anyway, considering that they haven’t really gotten too much into their lives like they did in The O.C. I want way more of Brenda, Kelly, and Ryan, and a hell of a lot less of this tweenie drama.

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