OMFGG: The Ex Files

if every week of Gossip Girl is better than the previous week’s, it stands to reason that by January, I will be so crazy giddy from Upper East Side vicarious adventuring that I will actually go to work dressed as my favorite GGer of the moment. That I will respond to everything by tossing a bon mot, to borrow Dan’s phrase. That I will move to New York City and eat lemon yogurt on the steps of the Met waiting for Blair to pronounce me a project or a victim.

It is that good. I’ll wait til tomorrow’s official CW airing of the ep to go to town with the blogging of the details of my utter delight. But I’ll just say now, brilliant use of a brilliant Santogold song, in the third episode in a row to feature one.

you know i love it.

p.s. on the Gossip Girl soundtrack, not only do you get Lincoln Hawk’s “Everytime” but you get the Constance choir singing “Glamorous.” Effing genius. I have never been this in love.


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