"water always finds its own level"

where was our sexy blackout this summer? man! toronto has nothing on new york. that city is unbearable in the heat and here i am, sitting with a sweater on, wishing i was there at blair’s back to school party. sad. i know.

now let’s talk couples. dan and serena. break my poor little heart. that was a fantastic break-up. they both still love each other but they know their problems are insurmountable because they really talked them out. like two sentences each. “i am who i am.” “ditto.” “i can’t change.” “ditto.” dunzo! but somehow that implausibly short break-up conversation (don’t those usually last hours?) was really touching in a sexy-teen-drama way. serena telling the elevator door instead of dan that she loves him? :(

the whole Nate and Vanessa Are Meant to Be kinda came out of left field, since she ditched him so quickly for the mere possibility of Dan at the end of last season. but me thinks she has had a very lonely summer. and if Nate Archibald is showing interest, it must be pretty hard to remember that you are in love with Dan. (and if D and N are both unavailable, flirt with Rufus.) HOWEVER I really like Vanessa as the Poor Soldier for Truth and Goodness, trying to bring the best out in the Upper East Siders. And maybe Nate totally does have a crush on her. Catherine has entirely, completely, and irrevocably crossed over into crazytown. Nate may make her feel ALIVE but cmon.

and what about my fabbity fav super time keep-the-tension-alive-forever-please Chuck and Blair. i don’t know if Ed Westwick is actually good looking or not, but i am in love with him. and chuck is a total assface! man he is so cruel to his callgirl types! but he is so totally in love with B. even if he does want to use her as sexual Drain-o. (way to coin an awful-awesome term, S.)

what i did not understand: Ed Westwick is British, playing an American. But when his Yankee Chuck tried to impersonate British Marcus it was impossibly hilariously bad accenté! blow out your candle. brilliant.

my other favorite couple of the episode: Little Jenny Humphrey and Eleanor Waldorf. I love how Blair’s character is a mini version of her mom. When Eleanor mocked J? classic. But of course, J was right about the neckline looking like a pilgrim at a funeral.

Sigh. Le grand love pour la Gossip Girl. Next week it’s back to school. I am hoping that B gets rid of her silly summer highlights by then, and her silly British bf.


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