Mad Men Wins Me Over with Mad Woman

I have watched every episode of Mad Men and not liked it at all. It’s very well made (and therefore easy to watch); I like the dresses, the hairdos, and Betty Draper. But not the show. I find the wink-winking at the audience over how backward things were in the ’60s tiresome and not that clever (smoking while pregnant! littering!). And indulging all that misogyny because “that’s the way things were” gets old fast. Real fast.

But this week! Betty effing brings it. It was the perfect follow-up to the unexpected ending of the previous episode (in the new car, with the barfing). Mad love for Betty Draper. I kept giving the TV the double F.U.s to help Bets out. Watch the fuck out, Don.

Now we need Priest Colin Hanks to leave Peggy the eff alone and Joan to do the job she rocks at and ditch the craptastic husband. Then I will be happy.


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