it’s a sport

i zigned up for about a week and a half ago and already i am singing its praises! the basic premise: they send you a dvd, you watch it, mail it back, they send you another one. my plan is $11/month for unlimited dvds so i wanted to hit two in a month and that way i would beat Rogers on Demand (my former video store). and already: dunzo! and everything i have searched for to add to my Zip List has been part of their catalogue. suck on that, ROD! (but please keep showing me free episodes of Mad Men. not that i like that show…) which is all to tell you: not only do i watch tv, i also watch movies!

like Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Almodovar). i quite liked it. i like the look of it. the characters. the zanyness and the colour. even though i am sure i am not quite getting it. it’s also nice to listen to people speaking spanish. so quickly! Pepa (in red) is our main lady. Antonio Banderas is so young in this movie, and skinny and endearingly awkward.

And oddly, as I did a google image search for those two illustrations, a still from the movie I watched last night popped up! what! It is Water Lilies, a French film and a gift from Clairey. It is a movie about teenage girls AND about synchronized swimming AND about sexy stuff! I am being silly. It is all those things but it is one of those movies where you just quietly become inextricably involved in the characters’ lives. Twas really quite beauteous. thank you Claire. And of course, i love watching synchro. (Can you believe i missed all the olympic synchro this time round?) It reminded me of having weird pool hair after swimming with your cap on, and the feel of the pool tiles on your dry feet, and putting gelatin in your hair for performances and how long that took to wash out. Of hanging upsidedown underwater and kicking your legs, counting always, in time with eight other girls, upsidedown and kicking. The occasional underwater kick in the ribs or punch in the face while trying to do a lift.


2 thoughts on “it’s a sport

  1. Hang on, I think I missed something. You were a synchronized swimmer? I can’t believe I’ve known you for three years this month (Is that all? Seems longer.) and this has never come up. If I had such a fascinating sport in my repertoire, I would totally use it to introduce myself: Hi, I’m Tammy – writer, editor, music theatre aficionado and one-time synchronized swimmer!

  2. YES! I was totally a synchronized swimmer. In high school and first year university. I was never at all awesome but not bad for a high-school swimmer.Somewhere at my mum’s is a vhs of my performances. i’ll find it, digitize it and youtube it. ha, ha. no i really won’t do that.

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