No One on the Corner Have Swagger Like Us

Too much tv, people! Last night I had the pleasure of watching the VMAs (i’ve upgraded my cable package and can now watch hannah montana on family channel whenevs), and the supreme pleasure of seeing Britney win three awards and look lovely and be funny and nervous. And some people wonder what I like about her. She is entertaining and endearing. That is what I like. Those are the only things I need in a pop star. I have been to more Britney concerts than I care to admit to (oh that’s a lie, i’ve been to 7) and they have always been absolutement entertaining. It’s not high art, or the best music that ever was, but no one is claiming it is. It’s just good fun and lotsa opportunities for dance routines.

i do find it funny that of all brit’s videos over the years, the third lamest (top honours go to Sometimes and Gimme More) won her all these moonmen. I shall view them more as a career-thus-far type award.

but the other amazing thing that happened on the telly last night: episode 2 of season 2 of Gossip Girl (“never been marcused”). if this ep had aired right after “Summer, Kind of Wonderful” last week, I would have been so over-the-moon giddy. It felt like these two parts went together and set us up for the rest of the season. The tension between Serena and Dan; the schmozle with Blair, Nate, Chuck, Duchess Katherine, Lady Archibald; Vanessa sitting alone, wearing a hideous yellow top, waiting for cast members to interact with…Eek. Things not going so well for our resident poor arty girl so far this season. And if those rumors about her hooking up with D’s dad are true, I will not be at all impressed. I will be depressed. Rufus should not rebound from Lily with his son’s ex-gf.

The one thing I have to give demerit points to GG for: they love dissing Britney (to bring things full circle in this blogular world). In season one, there are multiple digs and last night they went for the whole family with Blair’s “she made Waldorf rhyme with Spears” line. Hilarious but as a stalwart fan, i had to bring it up…


One thought on “No One on the Corner Have Swagger Like Us

  1. Swagger like us, swagger like us< HREF="" REL="nofollow">No one on the corner have swagger like us<>

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