you wanna piece of me

VMAs are very very soon. My girl Britney is going to “open the show.” Who knows what that means but I think (sadly) it doesn’t mean she’ll be performing. That video down there was apparently from weeks ago and it’s what Brit does every day! How flipping fun would that be? The rest of her life would drive me up the crazy banana tree but dancing every day in a beautiful studio with 12 amazing dancers? dreamsville for me.

on in the bg right now is the new cycle of ANTM. the girls have 5 minutes to get their makeup on and get into their metallic cat suits. Yup. That shit never gets old.

also Gossip Girl is on in one hour and 13 minutes. you know what that means: I AM HAVING a TV OVERLOAD (dot com).

i finished season one of Californication this weekend. And I am in love with Hank Moody/David Duchovny. Sex addiction and all. The casting of that show is incredibly spot on: Natascha McElhone as the estranged wife Karen, Pamela Adlon as Marcy (i loved her on Lucky Louie), and even tho he totes creeps me out, Damian Young as Hank’s agent Bill (this guy was Dave on Lost and one of the girl’s husband’s on Sex and the City).

(ANTM timeout: they are doing this whole OTT robot/space theme and it is soooo crazy.)

The daughter on Californication is pretty much the coolest kid on TV. She is totally deadpan and funny as hell. And the father/daughter relationship, Becca and Hank together, is so sweet and charming. The one thing about the show: lots of boobs. More boobs than you have ever seen. (Hank is… promiscuous.) the new season starts really soon and from where this one left off? i’m wondering if they’ll be able to fulfill their boob quota.



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