"i tried my best / but your head is such a mess"

the one good part about having a cold: you get to play kleenex basketball! i am pretty good. i would say 9 out of 10 go in the basket. i am my own dream kleenex basketball team. i am #1 (of 1). this week i learned the word “sensorium,” as in “I have a clouded sensorium.” it seems weird that i didn’t already know it but! now i do. this has been a funny cold, where besides the kleenex basketball, my only other symptom is the sensorium fail. so i just feel dopey and fuzzy all the time. it makes typing hard. good thing words and accuracy are not important to my job! ha ha. poor suckers of books i worked on this week!

i am listening to a great Madonna song right this second called “Keep it Together.” and it’s her 50th birthday! it’s my 49th on Monday. we are both Leos, which is a pretty cool sign because of the lion. otherwise I think it’s suppoed to mean I am bossy and like gold. which is only half correct. one time my friend’s mom gave me a book about Leos and she had gone through making notes beside bits of info that said, “This is so true!” “Just like you!” “Interesting…” and so on. It made the book worth reading! Another time she did a tarot card reading in her car in the parking lot of the Ajax GO station. We were waiting for my train to arrive and take me back to Toronto. Her reading said that I would work in the arts and maybe that I would find true love or something. Half true again!

i am listening to the playlists i made for my friend Erino’s birthday this year: The Future Is T-Rex (top/left) and The General’s Breakfast (bottom/right). They feature: songs by everyone we’ve ever seen live together (or nearly seen), songs we sing at karaoke, songs i only know because of her love of musical theatre, songs that remind us of the now-defunct Om festival and old work places, and a song that she is really good at singing in her parents’ suburban living room. that is “part of your world” and at one time i had the whole thing on my voicemail. it was fucking funny and great.

another time, way back in the day, one of E’s friends (was it Kerry C?) organized a Talent Show in celebration of her birthday. This is a great idea and should be done more often. Clairey and I did a dance routine to a medley of pop hits: Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson), Monkey (George Michael), Crazy: The Stop Remix (Britney), Sometimes (Britney), um…crap that’s all i remember. what else, Claire? Anyway, we wore matchy outfits and it was great! For the Monkey part, we did monkey arms and noises and then monkey danced from side to side.

who is coming with me to Fan Expo next weekend? so far the answer is NO ONE. crap crap crap. it was so fun last year, you guys. but a bit pricey. maybe i will just dress up as a BSGer and stay home and watch Buffy all day knowing that there are thousands of others in my city that day who know that is an awesome thing to do.


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