i fly like planes

good morning kidlets. happy Simcoe Day to those in Ontario and not at work. John Graves Simcoe was the first Gov-General of Upper Canada and abolished slavery in U.C. long before it was in the Empire as a whole (according to Wikipedia). We have had Simcoe Day in Toronto since 1869. That is kinda awesome! Way better than when I found out, while living in the Durham Region, that Lord Durham was a frakker. Tho I can’t remember why now…that was way back in the early ’90s. for real. (oh man i had a dream last night that some 11-yr-old boy was walking behind me and being really annoying and then i called him a motherf’ker. oops.)

i am reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.). It’s pretty darn good! I am going to give it a go: eat food instead of food products, invest more time and money in food and preparing my food myself, and try to eat meals at a table (not a desk) and not alone. So hey! Invite me over for dinner! actualement, I am going to try and trick my family into having dinner together more regularly. i bet they will like it.

it’s really & truly absurd that I don’t eat more fresh and locally grown produce when i live spitting distance from the st. lawrence market. i could go there in the morning before work! the downside of reading this book is it makes drinking and enjoying Vitamin Water near impossible now. Thanks Michael Pollan.

last night I watched Be Kind, Rewind on rogers on demand. it was pretty sweet — Jack Black was a weirdo, Mos Def was a charmer, and i did some good all-alone-laughing-out-loud (GAALOL). way better than my last encounter with Jack Black, Margot at the Wedding, which was terrrrrible. What an indulgent piece of boringosity that was. sorry Noah Baumbach, you had one movie in you and that was it. for now. as director. i just imdb’d him and he wrote (co-wrote?) The Life Aquatic. and that was magical.

also I saw TWO movies at the Rainbow in ONE day: Step Brothers and Mamma Mia! One boy movie and one girl movie. The audience at Mamma Mia! was unbelievably entertaining. they kept talking to the movie, answering questions posed by Pierce Brosnan to Meryl Streep for her, shrieking with delight, and during the credits when there are ABBA-style performances by the cast, people actually yelled at the screen for more! and then clapped! It was really charming. but man that one went on about 40 minutes longer than was strictly necessary. (meh on Step Brothers; rent it and you’ll have a grand time.)

my talented cousinko just went up on myspace with her musique. you should have a listen here.

time to do some vacuuming! then some CFA’ing. then some GG’ing. then more acronyms. what is the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation? this is something i knew before and have now forgotten. hold please; reading. an acronym IS an abbreviation. but it is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a word, e.g., NATO, versus an initialism where you say the letters, e.g. U.K. (so please change that above sentence to “then more initialisms.”)

that’s enough learning for one day, right gang?



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