play secretary on my balls tonight

one of my favourite bloggers, mr kanYe west, did the other thing that he does best at the amphitheatre on wednesday. the Glow in the Dark Tour.

there is a nightmarish concert going fiasco that preceded kanYe hitting the stage, which i can’t bear to detail as i will get teed OFF again. the boiled down version: sarah d and i waited 1 hour and 45 minutes in the rain to get into the freakin venue and missed ALL of Lupe Fiasco and 99.9% of N.E.R.D. yes, half the concert. yes, i will be launching a class action suit.

but onto the best best best part that just made us instantly forget we were royally infuriated: kanYe took to the stage. he sounded bloody awesome, didn’t miss a beat or a word, knew how to own the stage all alone up there. the concept of the show is that he’s an intergalactic space traveller, his ship gets hit by a meteor, crashes on a strange planet, and Jane the Sexy Computer tells him it’s system failure. Sometimes corny (especially when these Murakami-esque Shooting Star balls told him he was the brightest star in the universe) but KanYe was 100% into it. He was ACTING; he was selling it and the audience was buying it. the set list had a story arc. it was killer. and he did that thing i love to see at live shows (which rihanna totally had system failure with): he mixed up the album-versions of the songs so they were fresh and cool, but you could still sing and dance along.

there was a group of four friends in front of sarah and me and they were awesomesauce. knew every word and were busting out their moves and had (lame phrase) great energy. and one guy liked to backwards dance his energy nearly into sarah…

(oooh sidebar: i can hear our new downstairs neighbour talking in the hallway. i wonder i wonder who he is and whether it’s more than one person….)

i found some pictures on Flickr of our show this guy Jeremy Watt took. he had some backstage access and some up-front seats. (additional commentary from the calhouner.)

(if things had gone as planned we would have been let into the show just in time to miss the first THREE acts)

(rihanna BARELY sang: she’d sing half a line and point the mic to the audience. wha? she didn’t even do the “eh eh eh” part in umbrella. you need to sing when you are a singer. she should watch kanYe and see how it’s done. zing. oh but best part: she did “sing” paper planes by m.i.a.)

(“yes, yes, yes, guess who’s on third? lupe still like lupin the third.” vair bittersweet to get to see Lupe for just one verse. and the internet tells me that kanYe and Lupe did an impromptu performance at the afterparty at circa. wah.)

(“and if anyone tells you you can’t do something, tell ’em you just saw the Glow in the Dark tour.”)


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