xoxo gossip girl

i think i may have forgotten that i have such a thing as a blog. oops von sorry.

guess what i love? GOSSIP GIRL.

a million moons ago i read one of the gossip girl books, long before there was a tv show. and i hated it so much. i was filled with rage. how could this exist? it was terribly written with obvious plot twists and bitchy backstabs and every second word some designer label was being name dropped. AWFUL.

somehow the translation to tv has transformed that rubbish into GLORY glory excellent. of course, now they just wear the clothes instead of describe them and, with new and extra evil exception of Georgina, all of them have a side you can feel sympathetic toward. Even little bratty J who seems to have finally seen the light. (She needs more Vanessa and less popular girl crew in her life.)

But let’s talk about this week’s episode. And the big may-jah reveal at the end. Spoiler alert goes here. (Tho everyone i know who watches GG and reads my blog has totes already seen the episode. the rest of you are NOT even reading this entry.)

I am totally 100% on-board with it and am not annoyed by it. Sure, it happened on Friday Night Lights last season. But Serena’s been harbouring a secret past and really what could it be that’s so bad? Sexcapades and drugs are not scandalous in the UES world. So you’re left with really creepy sex stuff or violence. Or both. And why not go for both in the overblown GG world? You gotta. And it’s a fair guess that Georgina or MurderVictimGuy will turn out to be the read baddies in the situation, not our dear tries-her-best-t0-be-good Serena Van der Woodsen. (Is that how you spell her name?? that is a crazy name.)

as long as the rest of the season plays out with crazy behaviour (as per next week’s preview) and not a big long police investigation and court room drama, we will be fine. nay, excellent. Serena and Dan breaking up is great news! Especially now that Vanessa and Nate are bf & gf (or want to be). Serena will have to turn to Chuck even more. Maybe they will ruin their parents’ wedding! (There is a website for that wedding, btw. It sucks.)

also! try to think of excellent ways to do a GG book a la ecw’s tv books. i have a decent idea. and i love when the pop culture i indulge in anyway turns into official work. which reminds me: lost is on tonight.


One thought on “xoxo gossip girl

  1. Oh, it’s getting so good! And the outfits the girls wear are the best ever on TV for teens. Very SATC for the under 20’s.I was very creeped out by the last shot of Serena, though. Black holes for eyes…yee!AND I read that Little J’s gay boyfriend

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