i am in london and have been since friday night. that’s nearly a whole week! and the whole time at the very edge of my brain has been the fergie london bridge song but i’ve managed to vanquish it as soon as it creeps into the main part of my brain. (i made a typo and wrote “main party of my brain” — should i have kept it?) then yesterday i put on my tunes whilst chilling at claire’s flat, choosing which jumper to wear and looking at my new nail polishes from Boots — and guess what came on? oh damn it. i had a dance-about because really what else can one do? (“change the song” is not a valid answer.)

time to get ready for the world. claire and i are going to convent garden briefly then to the south bank — she to work and me to tourist. watch out tate modern. i’ve got my eye on you.

i’ll try to take more photos today. i started taking millions in oxford (day 1) and have since dwindled to nil. and i know how much you love looking at other people’s fotos.



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