sweet niblets

i’ve thought about this before — how i should have a direct internet connection to my brain. that way when i’m nowhere near a computer (or it’s an inappropriate blogging time) i could just send those posts i dream up. cause i blog mentally alllll the time. just never here. at my blog. ANYWAY. let me know if you hear of a wireless chip i can implant in my cerebral cortex. i am willing to be the first human test subject.

sip of coffee and we’re back. good good friday morning to you all. i forgot to do my token easter joke yesterday at work (poor coworkers), y’know, where you hold your arms out to the side, feet together, and say, “What’s this?” A bad way to spend easter. hardy hahaha.

sitting right beside me are two new issues of two brillo magazines: Bust and Shameless. And I haven’t even peeked yet. BALONEY. i have been vair busy with work, as have most other people i know; we work a lot, but not coal miner a lot.

our book on Miley Cyrus is going EXCELLENTLY and i have to say that if i were a pre-teen/early teen right now, instead of someone who thinks she’s 29 when really she’s still got a bit of 28 left, I would be a MAY-JAH Miley & Hannah Montana fan. As it is, I am really good with pop music and TV and hey, she does both! And maybe I’ve mentioned this before but her lyrics are solid — stand up for yourself and voice your opinion, like me for me, i wear old blue jeans, stuff like that. Last night, i watched my first episodes of the show and it’s super cheesy and slapstick but also…funny? i totally LOL’d you guys. (if you wanna watch Miley and her friend Mandy on youtube, they have their own inane but somehow still charming show.)

my newfound super-like for Miley should be no surprise to Claire. she knows that whatever i’m into, i’m really into. so the past few days while working on our unauthorized look at scrabble and its players (letterati), all i can think about is playing scrabble. heart book? listen to heart all the time. like the spice girls? buy spice gum and every other piece of merchandise, learn dance routines, and pretty much forget studying in first year uni. hey, wanna see the new heart book cover? ok. it’s kinda pinkish. apparently ALL my book covers are pink.

i think Roommate Adam F, esq., forgot that Lost was on last night. Why else would he go out on a Thursday night? Let me tell you that I didn’t realize how much I missed the tension between Michael and Walt on that show until last night’s episode. Also: no one on that show is a better actor than (hold please while i google him) Harold Perrineau. Remember when he was Mercutio in Romeo + Juliet? I do. (Sometimes a picture of him in that drag outfit pops into my head while watching Lost.) My point being: no one else can carry a full episode like he can, so a hearty welcome back and thanks for not dying…yet.

okay. well. i guess it’s time for me to hit the books. let’s end with an easter memory. remember that time when the guy i totally loved all through high school found out my family didn’t celebrate easter (he was christian, i was/am not) and then he totally came by my house on easter sunday with a nice pile of his easter chocolate to give to me? that was awwwwwwwwwwwww.


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