sky high

woot von wootsauce. i just bought some lawn tickets to see sir kanYe west along with his friends and mine rihanna, n.e.r.d. and lupe fiasco. i love buying tickets from ticketmaster when a show first goes on sale cause it is SO nerve wracking. but that love and excitement turns into rage when you see the GIANT bloody charges they add on top of the ticket price. but that is old news.

for some funny internet reading (not always hilarious but generally worth a waste of your time): Stuff White People Like. Two of my favourite bloggers (Sharelle and KanYe) recommend it too.

my sister and i went to see Semi-Pro on Wednesday night and while it was super dumb and so poorly filmed you can’t even believe it (also André Benjamin should stay away from movies), i highly recommend it to those who think Will Ferrell is hi-larious. there is one scene in particular, which we can talk about once you’ve seen it, that had me laughing so hard and i was so crazy tense and covering my face. it was serious. those two minutes alone make it worth it. and if you end up not liking this moving picture, well, S my C, you jive turkey.

guess what i haven’t done.
read any atwood.
but i do owe the tpl some late fees! so that will help their 2008-09 budget.

i haven’t read anything that isn’t work-related in quite some time. my leisure hours have been filled with crosswords and a LOT of terrible wga-strike television programming. never have i watched so much american idol. the other night, before LOST (which is so much better this season i cannot even believe it), i watched a program called America’s Most Smartest Model. (The title is a joke, the competition is dead serious.) I was telling Sarah D. about it yesterday at work and NEARLY got her to spit chocolate milk all over the board room table. Next time! **I just googled the show to find some biting, hilarious recap of how crapplesauce this show is (y’know instead of writing one myself) and all I could find were people talking about who their favourite contestant is and blahblahblah. Holy geez, do people take this stuff seriously? help.

happy birthday tomorrow to amie and david. amie, incidentally, would have been named david if she came out a boy.


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